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love between friends

ei wanna comment?? :love:


  • Where to begin... hmmm. :D
  • Love between friends? I love some of my friends, some more than the other....

    What exactly do you want to know?
  • I love my "bhest!" thats what we call to each other naging kmi muna kya lng di nag work out dahil parehas kming seloso/selosa kaya palage kmi may missunderstanding... kya we decided na maging friends nlng muna kmi untill dumating ung time na nainlove ako sa iba kya bhestfriends nlng tlga kmi forever!....
  • If you put "love" in the context of romance, it is pretentious to say two people who are friends love each other.


    1. Trust - you know you will always trust your friend or even your best buddy in everything, but a friend in love with a friend will always have doubts coz you know everything will be different once you cross that line.

    2. Jealousy - you are open to meet new acquaintances and the possibility of widening your network of friends, but a friend in love with a friend will be in a crazy stage of being possessive. It is impossible to say it's fine and pretend to not be hurt once you'd know your friend is in love with someone else. Saying you are happy for them is a lie and you know it.

    3. Friends are purely platonic and it is bull---- to say platonic relationships lead to love in the context of reality. There will never be a possibility for you to have any malicious thoughts with someone who you consider a friend. That's just how it is.

    4. A friend will just always be a friend. An acquaintance or just someone who you wouldn't classify as a friend is in a better chance for a relationship with you.
  • rendakurendaku PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Out of this world, th3 on3. These things are simply empirical and can't be analyzed with logic based on your imagination. Between friends are a myriad of possibilities. Had anyone really foreseen what could happen, and what a friendship (between opposite sex, and even between married people--oh yes--we are on earth!!) could turn into eventually?

    And, btw, platonic is the characteristic absence of physical desire, which is not necessarily malicious.
  • rendakurendaku PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    (..how do i delete a double post?)
  • I love all of my friends.

    But not that way. :D
  • I was simply and rationally pointing out the truth. Better yet – the reality of love between friends in the context of romantic love.

    Most of us are blinded by possibilities and useless “what ifs”, then we wallow and be bitter and eventually forget what reality is all about.

    What do most friendships eventually turn into between people of the opposite sex? They date, fall in love and after a couple of years, you’d see people hiding in pseudonyms posting in the love forum of pinoy exchange wondering what happened? Questions falling out of love and all these bull.

    What do most friendships eventually turn into between married people? It is good, married life is nurtured and they live until death parts them. But friendship between some married guys and married women for example and taking into consideration your analogy is nothing but an affair.

    I get your point. “platonic… which is not necessarily malicious” is a highfaluting word which can be simply translated to friendship. Ergo, romantic love between real friends does not go together.

    Moving on….
  • panu naman yung mga friends with benefits?
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