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Can anyone help me with this? Alam nyo po ba kung paano ang tamang pag compute sa last pay? Kelan po ba dapat i expect na may makukuha ka pang tax refund na kasama sa last pay mo? kse may mga company nag sasabi na na remit na nila sa BIR kaya di na kasama sa last pay? Kelan po ba nag re remit ang mga kumpanysa hindi po ba once a yr lang?

Thanks po sa mga makakatulong


  • InBkgdInBkgd Lurker PExer
    u need an hr specialist to help you with this one.

    This is what i know:
    1. you will get a tax refund if your annual income is not more than the taxable income;
    2. you overpayed your taxes (which happens most of the time since your annual income is assumed by people who compute for taxes)

    of course, dont expect that all the taxes you paid will be given back to you. again, that depends on your aggregate income.

    also, if you worked for more than a month, then you should be receiving pro- rated 13th month pay and if u qualify for leave (VL/SL) conversion then make sure it is credited to you.

    other fringe benefits apply but of course that will depend on the company that you used to work for.

  • realhotduderealhotdude Member PExer
    You can get your backpay after 2 months..It depends on your company..Computations?If you stayed for more than a year, you got 1 month salary plus the tax refund,vl and also the 13 month pay..


    If your salary is 15 per month..
    then you exist for the company for instance 1 yr and 6 months..
    then ginamit mo all ur vl,sl,el for terminal leave,then may tax refund ka pa and 13th month..ganyan lam ko based on my backpay...
  • TravelBugTravelBug Sakay Na! PExer
    Your equivalent salary from the time the company placed your pay on hold up to the date your resignation becomes effective.

    Any unused VL, SL and other paid days off converted to its cash equivalent.

    Pro-rated 13th month pay and other benefits that can be converted to cash.

    Taxes - The amount they deducted may or may not be returned to you. If they returned the tax money together with your last pay, make sure you do not spend it. Your next employer will annualise your taxes based on your new salary and will deduct a huge amount of money from your pay. Baka wala ka na swelduhin. If they did not return your taxes, then it's fine. You should receive a BIR Form 2316 from your previous employer and it should reflect that. This form should be given to your next employer. The new employer will determine your tax deductions from this document (of course, factoring in your new annual pay).
  • pipaypeepspipaypeeps Pipay di Eksplorer PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hey guys.. question.. meron po ba LAW about giving backpay? like if the company fails to give the backbay to their previous emplyees on a certain date? parang me nakita me before na dapat maibigay un backpay within 45days something like that e.. im not sure though..
  • James Richard08James Richard08 Banned by Admin PExer
    ^ Wala atang time frame... unlike the 13th month... it should be given to the employees on or before Dec 15 o else you can file a complaint sa DOLE.

    Backpay includes 13mnth, last work rendered, cash leaves ( if meron sa company ninyo ), tax refund ( if not consumed within a year).
  • pipaypeepspipaypeeps Pipay di Eksplorer PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ay.. kala ko the company needs to give it to you in a specific span of time.. hmm... dapat maggawa ng law about this abay di biro kaya un maghintay ng backpay esp when you dont have work..
  • Let's talk about BACKPAY..

    would just like to know your previous position;
    how much your backpay is;
    the month of resignation;
    the number of months stayed in the previous company and;
    the name of the previous company..
  • Let me start..

    15 months


    13 months

    *okay* :D *okay*
  • TitanOneTitanOne '[titan]ONE Big Fight' PExer
    I don't get it?

    A thread to discuss your how much your back pay was?
  • TitanOne wrote: »
    I don't get it?

    A thread to discuss your how much your back pay was?

    just a simple survey..
    have i violated any rules?

  • RetroManilaRetroManila Pushing Daisies PExer
    teletech na ata ang may pinakamamabang backpay.
  • JorzenJorzen Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    backpay: negative (payroll said it is i who have to settle bec i used up all vls)
    month resigned: january
    stay with company: 11 months and 20 days
  • anu kaya yun walang back pay..
  • phaulahphaulah de gal 'pon de block PExer
    how long does it usually take before you can get the final pay? is it really 15 to 30 days? do i have to call everytime for them to process it or it will be processed automatically once you've resigned?
  • ian_kuLotsian_kuLots Member PExer
    ako din! pasali! hehe.. :p

    18 months
    ePLDT Ventus
  • leyrossleyross oasis fan PExer
    clientlogic 20004 pa.

    ePLDT Parlance 2005 pa.

    Malaki ba separation pay or backpay sa IBM Daksh? Please I need to know from those former employees of IBM Daksh. I want to have an idea if they give backpay. What If you resigned after 2 years working with IBM Daksh? How much backpay are you gonna get?
  • andoy101andoy101 Banned by Admin PExer
    Eto! HTMT or Hinduja TMT formerly known as C3!

    Ang backpay mo eh yung sweldo na na-hold sayo kulang pa eh 2 pay period ang na-hold 1 pay period lang bibigay nila:grrr: mandaraya!

    Warning lang toh sa mga gusto mag-apply d2 magisip-isip na kayo!
  • phaulahphaulah de gal 'pon de block PExer
    sa dati kong cc. nagresign ako march 24. hanggang ngayon wala pa sa kamay ng payroll ang clearance ko, isang buwan na. tapos kung nasa payroll na siya, saka ka pa lang magbibilang ng 30-45 days? tama ba ito? eh ang nakalagay sa clearance 15-30 days daw. iba pala. tama ba talaga toh?
  • dyoxiephxxdyoxiephxx Member PExer
    andoy101 wrote: »
    Eto! HTMT or Hinduja TMT formerly known as C3!

    Ang backpay mo eh yung sweldo na na-hold sayo kulang pa eh 2 pay period ang na-hold 1 pay period lang bibigay nila:grrr: mandaraya!

    Warning lang toh sa mga gusto mag-apply d2 magisip-isip na kayo!

    file a case against them sa dole. malaki chance mo kung may sapat kang evidence like paperworks. etc. :bop:

    nakuha ko naman nang matino yung akin.
  • Will_TravelerWill_Traveler Member PExer
    may backpay ba pag tinapos mo lang yung 6 months probationary period (end of contract)??

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