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Sponsoreship for study for a pinoy girl

I got to know one 23 year old lovely pinoy girl three months ago. We chat over the phone and has never met in person. We both enjoy talking to each other.

One day, the girl's mom talk to me over the phone and ask me to sponsore her daughter to continue her high school study in a private school since she only finished two years of high school many years back.

I was shocked when she make this request to me. Money is not an issue here. But how can she ask me for such a favour where she has not even met me before, and I am just a normal friend to her daughter? Is this a typical "take advantage" mentality of some phils?

My other concerns are: Does it make sense for a 23 year old girl to finish the high school study? What can she do 2 year later at the age of 25 with only a high school certificate?

Oh, I am confused. Should I stop this relationship?


  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yeah. They are already gold digging off you. If you pay for her tuition, then her family will keep asking you for other monetary favors.
  • well, I don't see anything wrong in this situation.
    The mother kindly requested if you could sponsor her daughter.
    Since, money is not an issue. Why not support her?
    You seem to like her, filipina are very sensitive but loyal creatures.
    You can't find any other woman like her.
    Besides, they are good maids, it is such a good investment to have a filipina wife, fiancee, girlfriend or even friend with benefits.
  • No Filipino family with dignity will ask a stranger on the phone that kind of commitment. Yes, even the poor ones. Many Filipinos with conscience are prideful and they would not even think to use their daughters for that kind of end.

    I bet that they have asked many of their daughter's online friends to sponsor their 23 yeard old to study in high school. What a crock of bull! Public school is almost free in the Philippines. Stop communicating with these people who want to take advantage of you, poverty is never an excuse to behave like gold digging pigs.
  • ^^what she said!!
    Or there is always a chance you can even things up! If you know what I mean!!! wink wink!!!
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    pwede rin ako magpa-sponsor?

    bruahang kapitbahay ko gustong maging principal sa paaralan...
    tatapusin pa nya ang 9 units requirements sa masters. ayan
    nasabi ko na... tulungan mo sya pwede? plus book allowance,
    plus food allowance, clothes allowance at gimmick allowance.
    hwag kalimutan ang apartment allowance... buwan-buwan, noh!

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • althou it pisses me off to hear this kind of action by my fellow i think its better to raise this issue or talk this over with your friend. tell her what u felt about it. just be honest but please choos the right words to say
  • Thanks to those who replied and PM me.
    After some considerations, I decided not to sponsore the girl to high school even though I would very much like to help her in many ways. If this means a break off, I would accept it and it is too bad that it has to end this way.
    I would say that not knowing the girl and her family well(only get to know her for 3 months), I have no obligation to help her out financially. Her parents are the actual one who is obligated to give her a good education and plans for the future.
    Yes, the girl attracted me very much but her family also plays an important role. I am concerned that once I help her out, more request for help(financially) will follow one after another.
    This type of love and friendship will have to be end sooner or later.It is a regret but life is like that.
  • to macy...you bet! you just made the right decision...every parent has their own obligation with providing quality life to their children...it is a sad truth but poor family do such thing knowing that you're sort of a catch for them...filipinos are known for having a close family ties that sometimes it sucks...western people are known for being independent...we just have to learn to say "NO" sometimes...
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