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Super Boink! Super Pig, Tonde Buurin

Yo people,

Does anyone know of this series?

Pig Girl of Love and Courage (or Super Pig) (愛と勇気のピッグガール とんでぶーりん, Ai to Yūki no Piggu Gāru Tonde Būrin?) is a magical girl parody manga series by Taeko Ikeda which originally ran in the manga magazine Ciao. An anime series based on the manga was created by Nippon Animation and broadcast on TBS stations in Japan from September 9, 1994 through August 26, 1995. An English language-version exists and was broadcast in the United States, with an English voice-over provided independently by each of the various networks that broadcast it.

Other titles by which the show is known include:

Tonde Burin
Super Boink
Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin
Ba Be Bu Bi Boink!
Super Boink
Super Cerdita

Karin Kokubu (Kassie Carlen) is late for school one day when she comes across an apparently injured yellow pig. It turns out the pig wasn't injured but just hungry, and he gets back his health when he eats Karin's apple. When Karin gets to school she discovers that the pig has stowed away in her backpack which causes her more trouble. Later she meets the pig again and finds out he can talk and fly, he gives her a "pigompact" which she opens; a pig snout appears from it and attaches itself to her nose! She finds the pig again, who explains that he is actually Prince Tonrariāno III (Iggy Pig) of the planet Buuringo. He tells her how she can transform: by saying "BA BI BU BE BOorin!" she transforms into a superpowered pink piglet called Buurin. This is not something Karin is happy about at all as she'd rather transform into a heroine like her idol the henshin hero tokusatsu character "Cutey Chao" (who is possibly a reference to Cutey Honey). Tonrariāno (who she calls Ton-chan) tells her if she can collect 108 pearls by doing good deeds as Buurin she can do so. The series contains 51 episodes.


I really like this TV series, since it's funny, nice artwork and very nostalgic. I read on Keith's Tonde Buurin website, that there was also a Philipean version and a collegue of mine who is from the Phillipenes confirmed this. He told me that the series was first broadcasted in English and later in Philipean.

The English version is impossible to find and luckily I own some Dutch episodes.

My question is: Did they ever release Super Boink! DVD's in the Philipenes?

I hope someone can answer my questions. Feel free to email me, if you have any questions yourself.


  • William15William15 Member PExer
    Is there no one who remembers this series?

    Here is a link where you can read more information. There is even some information about the Phillipene version in the dubs section:

    And another site:

    If someone knows a site where the English Phillipean dub can be bought please tell me. And if there weren't any DVD's released I'd like to know as well. Also your thoughts on this Anime, would be most welcome :)
  • BOOGIECATBOOGIECAT Banned by Admin PExer
    I think I know some of the dubbers here but ask Shinobi Ninja for more details..
  • EriesEries Member PExer
    I remember this one from way back during my Grade School days. I liked it then, although not as much as Yu Yu Hakusho, which was also aired around that time. I watched the one featured in the local channel 13, the one with an English dub, as far as I can remember. Anyway, I'm sorry I can't give you any info with regards to where you can download the anime, for I have no idea as well.

    Good luck hunting, though. :)
  • William15William15 Member PExer
    Thanks for the support :)

    But an episode guide, clips from the English Phillipean dub and other information are more than welcome.
  • William15William15 Member PExer
    At the site of Shuki Levy (Music composer for Saban shows) you can download and hear the American opening of Supe Pig (Super Boink).

    Here are the lyrics, but we can hear what they're singing at the'(...)'

    Once was a tale of little girl turned into a pig
    Now she’s a crime fighting world changing (...)
    Super, Super Pig!
    Super, Super Pig!
    Super, Super Pig!
    Super, Super Pig!

    When you need a hero,
    and there’s no one in the world to call
    When the fire’s closing in,
    and the building that you’re in may fall

    Super, Super Pig!
    Super, Super Pig!
    Super, Super Pig!
    Super, Super Pig!

    Super... Pig!

    Still no one who has someone information on the Phillipene version of the show? :rolleyes:
  • William15William15 Member PExer
    Sorry Doublepost :depressed:
  • incognito_novaincognito_nova Member PExer
    Parang natatandaan ko parang hindi...
  • William15William15 Member PExer
    Parang natatandaan ko parang hindi...

    What does this mean in English? I'm sorry I don't speak Phillipenes.
  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member ✭✭✭
    the previous poster just said - "he is about to remember this, but maybe not"

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