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Lucky Star

Here's a good currently running anime to watch...

It's based off a "4-koma" (4-panel) manga and features random but funny "slice-of-life" situations for (mostly) 4 high-school girls. It's something like Azumanga Daioh with its "randomness" but it covers more of a "niche" genre, namely the anime and video-gaming otaku (which is practically what the lead girl Konata is).


(1) It's produced by KyoAni (Kyoto Animation), the company who gave us Air, Kanon 2006, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (TMoHS);

(2) If you're an anime and VG fan, you'll see TONS of references to them ( it's almost like they're advertising them! :lol: ) scattered throughout the anime;

(3) The OP sequence is a "tribute" of sorts to TMoHS, as it has the main characters doing a "dance" similar to the ED sequence of TMoHS...PLUS, the ED is different for each episode, and involves the main characters in a karaoke room, selecting and singing themes from old and new anime series, some of which include:
the OP theme from Full Metal Panic ~Fumoffu~ and the first OP theme from, of all things, Dragon Ball Z! Yep, they did "CHA LA HEAD CHA LA!" :lol:


  • that and almost every episode refers to haruhi as well! <_<

    and konata (the blue haird otaku girl) is also voiced by aya hirano...


    funny thing about konata is that she likes a lot of shounen titles...
    the reason is that as a younger kid, she sees her father reading shounen mangas and playing love sim games...

    yes.. love sim games...

    Ending of episode 3
    Ending of episode 5
  • booksalebooksale PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    this Lucky Star looks good, Shaoron. how many episodes ba ito?
  • as of now 5.
    this sunday lalabas yung 6th episode...

    note.. this anime isn't for everyone.
    this is for those who can handle randomness... extream randomness.
    medyo madalas rin yung pag change ng scene since it's based on a 4-koma (4-panel) manga.
    take the humor "per chunck" and not as a whole and you'll enjoy it.
  • If you check out Lucky Star's Trivia Section Link in ANN, you'll see it has 37 entries (where the usual anime maxes out at about 5 or so).

    The entries list each and every reference to anime/manga/games cited in the show per episode! But if you're the type who likes these kinds of shows, you'd know them already! :lol:
  • surprisingly.. i only know about half of the references they throw out.

    oh! naka DL din pala ako ng manga ng lucky star...

    only half(?) of the first volume was scanlated...
    tapos may nakuha akong all complete 4 volumes... na raw...
    then just yesterday, na DL ko uli yung 4 volumes... na chinese...
    so at least medyo mababasa ko.. :p
  • Haha. I never thought someone in PEx is going to create a Lucky Star thread. :lol:

    I admit that I got watching this series because of that infamous OP, although the show itself isn't always enjoyable, especially when I don't get some of the jokes. I have the feeling that I have to be Konata just to get it.
  • @ dspr8_rugged: Well, seeing as how "late" the Haruhi thread popped up here, I figured to "be current" and make the thread for this! :)

    Also, I never would initiate a thread on an anime that I DIDN'T like to watch in the first place! :cool:
  • Seriously, that OP is notorious. It has spawned a lot of videos that involves parodies as well as people dancing to it on YouTube.

    Oh yes, that Michael Jackson one = FTW. :rotflmao:
  • @rugged
    oh please! not the jackson one!

    anyway.. just like haruhi's hare hare yukai...
    the most famous ones are the gundam and rockman parodies...
    there's also a couple ones where they used haruhi to do Motteke! Serafuku and Lucky Star to do Hare hare yukai...

    then there's this one with mahou sentai magirangers...

    or the one with tohou(?) chars and hand drawn stuff...

    or even better...
    completely fan made haruhi's version..(under development)

    or worse...
    haruhi GUYS

    never thought they would do this but....
    in episode 6
  • Not only that, I saw in the screens that LS did the same thing in AzuDa about someone driving a car to the beach. I can say that Yui somewhat drives like Yukari-sensei although I don't remember the latter doing drifts. :lol:
  • but yui is a police officer
    while yukari was just plain bad!

    i mean.. at least Yui didn't make the car fly! (as in the tires leaving the road)
  • Uber moe lol :)
  • oh yeah! i forgot about this....
    Moteke Sailor Fuku FULL (music only)

    now all we have to do is wait for the "full dance" :lol:
  • Oh, I'll be looking forward to that. I really like the song better with the dancing.
  • shaoron wrote: »
    never thought they would do this but....
    in episode 6

    ZOMGWTFBBQ!! That was the best damn parody of that show I've ever seen! I was :rotflmao: during the entire sequence (complete with the "crappy" animation, CG, and music!) For that scene alone this episode deserves a 10! Even if you have NOT watched the referenced anime, you'd still find it funny!

    Oh, and something I'd never expect to be discussed in an anime like this:
    pubic hair, periods, and tampons?
    WTH? :confused:
  • booksalebooksale PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I saw the first ep of Lucky Star. First Impression: it's not as good as Haruhi, pero i like the humor. alaskador yung lead star. i hope it gets better in the next episodes.
  • you mean konata?
    yeah.. she is...
    plus.. aya hirano rin yan! :D

    anyway.. in terms of story, haruhi is still better, no questions asked...
    lucky star draws it's appeal on pure humor and parody/spoofs
  • Even if they're from the same animation studio and has Aya Hirano as the lead VA... I can't see the reason to compare LS and SuzuHaru...
  • booksalebooksale PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    you can watch "lucky star" episodes here


    wala na sa youtube, tinatanggal eh.

    btw, for those familiar with veoh, do they use .flv files sa mga videos nila?
  • Even if they're from the same animation studio and has Aya Hirano as the lead VA... I can't see the reason to compare LS and SuzuHaru...

    because who's ever comparing them is a complete [expletive].
    they're both different genres, made in different style.

    haruhi is more philosophical in nature but thankfully less confusing and less emo than evangelion (remember episode 14, or 6 chronologically? where haruhi said that when she saw the baseball field full of people and say that it's kinda sad that it feels like your worth is only so small?)

    lucky star is a very light hearted, paroody filled, randomness of the lives of 4 girls... one who's an otaku who's crazy dad reads manga and plays dating sim games (with ero situations) in front of his young daughter!

    comparing them is like... comparing the computer with the TV! (for lack of analogy)
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