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Is it a good film? ayos ba siya? sino na nakapanood?

gusto ko rin siyang panoorin kaya lang, I want to know from you kung worthwhile ba yung film na panoorin okay?


  • Gusto ko ring panoorin yang film na yan kasi it stars Keanu and I really find him cute kaya lang sabi ng friend ng sister ko medyo boring daw yung film.Siguro I'll try to see it for myself na lang.Why don't you do the same.
  • Ay naku, I watched it like 2 months ago and it majorly sucked! :angry: And I mean, BIG TIME! :p I even mentioned this movie at the thread MOVIES YOU REGRETED WATCHING... ;)

    I watched The Watcher knowing that it became #1 in the US for a time and also because it had a good cast, with Keanu Reeves as a serial killer ***** stalker of James Spader who's an FBI agent with a serious case of paranoia, depression, etc. and Marissa Tomei's his shrink. I think it was supposed to be a suspense-thriller sort of thing but I was laughing the whole time because it wasn't making much sense. :lol: Kung hinde kayo matatawa sa mga nangyayari, maiinis kayo kasi it really dragged at a lot of parts. :p

    Pramis, ever, ampanget talaga eh. :silly:

    If you're a die hard Keanu fan, then by all means watch the film. ;) But only when you've watched some of his really bad unknown movies (like I have:lol: ). Pero kung ang alam mo lang ay ang Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventures at Bogus Journey, Speed, The Matrix, naku you'll be greatly disappointed. Ay teka, disappointed pa rin pala ako maski na madami na akong napanood na iba pang panget nyang sine. :p

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  • JacobJacob PExer
    Even on video, it sucks big time. Keanu is the most laughable sociopath ever to grace the screen. The movie itself is the least thrilling of the genre, and the plot offers no surprises and you can see the twists light years away. The trailer even divulges the movie's biggest "shocker". Curiously, the director is the one who directed Dogstar (Keanu's band) videos. Hmmmmmm.

    at sa vcd ko na nga hiniram, nagsisi pa ko sa binayad kong pang rent. basta, walang kwenta bwiset. tinulugan po sya ng buong pamilya ko.
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