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my never ending search for a day shift call center company. anybody heard of this company? they have an australian account.


  • meshmesh PExer
    yep. ive been waiting for this call center to open. where did you find their ad by the way?

    ei, are u not satisfied with 247? just asking... :)
  • just keeping my options open to be sure.
  • Hi,

    Just want to ask if you have more information about Stellar call center?
  • hMmMm... looks like a good company. Any idea where they're located and if they're already hiring?
  • what's the location
  • http://www.stellarccs.com/careers this is the website doesn't contain much info
  • www.stellargsp.com is their website but walang naka state about job openings which is a bummer since I want to apply rin dun. Also, sa may Citibank sa paseo yung office nila
  • Citibank pa? Layo naman ng lalakarin ntin.. hehehe.

    Btw, anyone knows their contact number? I can't seem to find it at their site.
  • They are the sister company of ACS(the callcenter in buendia cor tordesillas).

    AFAIK, theyre hiring for the pioneer batch of ip relay which will start august. :)

    And sa gateway cubao ang office nila.

    ACS is doing the recruitment for them though.
  • IceKnight: alam mo # nila?
  • hindi e. sorry. try calling ACS and inquire na lang with them. :D
  • It's a brand new call center. No permanent place yet. They are still renting a space with ACS. They already bought the Cubao branch of ACS, they will transfer by the end of September. Pioneer accounts but no Australian program. It's partly owned by an Aussie but the programs they are running are US based. They currently have Directory Assistance and IP Relay. The pay is very big. Like ACS they are offering Project base status for CSAs. FOr more information, contact 8845200. That is the trunkline of ACS. Or you can apply directly to ACS Plaza, located at Tordesillas Makati. Just inform the Receptionist on the G/F that you are interested to apply for Stellar.
  • yztianyztian PEx Rookie ⭐
    Send your resumes here: [email protected]

    After a day or two, they will call & schedule you for your initial interview and exam. Alam ko sa may cubao site un (beside Ali mall) kc dun aq pnapapunta eh. Di nga lng aq nagpunta dhl super lakas ng ulan d2 last week...
  • is it true that they'll have an airline account there?
  • Hi All

    I noticed you were after some information on Stellar so here you go:

    Company Profile:
    Stellar is a leading global provider of call centre and business process outsourcing solutions. We help our clients reduce costs, improve quality and exceed their customers' expectations every day.

    Stellar’s global operations span 19 contact centres across 5 countries (Australia, UK, USA, Canada and the Philippines), collectively employing over 6,000 staff and managing over 300 million customer interactions and 100 million transaction processes every year.

    The new Cubao Centre
    The new Cubao centre boasts an impressive array of staff amenities, including a dedicated recruitment and training centre, kitchen and dining room, internet café and sleeping quarters. Management offices and the boardroom on the mezzanine level overlook a large, boldly coloured call centre floor.

    The centre is strategically located in Cubao, Metro Manila, within the CBD of Quezon City, which is serviced by excellent transport infrastructure. Stellar staff enjoy the convenience of working in a location serviced by both the LRT and MRT train systems and being surrounded by a number of large commercial malls for shopping and eating out.

    The new Cubao centre is located at Superstore Bldg. Times Square Street, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

    Prospective employees can contact Niza Sarmiento (Vice President Human Resources) via email on [email protected] to find out more about current career opportunities, or simply complete the Registration Form at http://www.stellarBPO.com/careers.

    Further Information:
    If you would like to learn more about Stellar Global, check out www.stellarBPO.com, or for more information about Stellar Philippines check out www.stellargsp.com.
  • Does Stellar accept undergrads? Thanks.
  • questions or information about the upcoming Aussie Account called Clover...

    post it here...

  • nujjnujj PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    nice minwoo nag start ka na pala ng thread na to which is tama rin lang at d na sa ip relay...bawal ata d ip relay dun.. pm na kita :rolleyes:
  • here are good informations about the aussie account in stellar called CLOVER...

    1. if you wish to apply for their australian account... you need to hit 30wpm sa typing exam nila with 98% accuracy... may retake naman... 4 na beses ata... pumasa me sa 1st take (hehehe)
    2. no weekend work...
    3. email and voice support ang australian account nila... telecoms ang LOB... sabi nila sa isang araw... you are going to answer emails and take-in calls... so 4 hours voice and 4 hours email support...
    4. day job po... work schedule is between 7am-8pm... it doesnt mean that you are going to work for 13 hours... your schedule could be from 9am-6pm... or 8am-5pm... etc...
    5. talagang one day processing lang dito... i applied at around 5pm... natapos me ng 8:30pm... casual wear lang po kung pupunta kayo... no need to wear polo shirt or be in business casual... etc... naka jeans lang me nung nagapply... (im actually wearing my lucky shirt nun nung nagapply me, that shirt gave me job offers before... kaya yun sinuot ko yun... hehehe)

    ... apply na kayo... you have exactly one week to apply... kasi the aussie account will start on may5...
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