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Weird Things You've Found Inside Your Bag

sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at iba pang lahok sa panggisa!




  • JaydeJayde Pexer PExer
    nagulat ako! sa tagal kong hindi nagamit yung bag nakalimutan ko na! jackpot!:D

  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    Last week, i found a packet of sugar from TGIF while i was emptying the contents of my bag...turns out, my bestfriend wrote me a note using the packet of sugar and i guess she just put it in my bag when i wasnt looking..weird huh? :lol:
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    a bag of chocolate pretzel from 3 years ago(estimate ko lang yan :lol: )
  • My long lost watch. Sarap ng feeling pag nakita mo na ulit.
  • no joke but kaldero. cuz one of my friend always making fun of me. pinakita pa niya sa mga classmate ko. WHAT THE HECK!
  • WiccaWicca Tinka, Tinka, Tee! PExer
    brown paperbag from starbuck's
  • Sensitive16Sensitive16 Member PExer
    uhmm...P250 globe prepaid card with a note: 'always keep in touch, i miss u'
    ang bait talaga ng suitor ko!

  • VaMpeEhVaMpeEh da cranky ferret! PExer
    a BIG tube of toothpaste!

    i guess i absent-mindedly placed it in my bag after brushing my teeth..

    pero hindi pa ako ang nakakita, bf ko pa! kahiya! hehe
  • tang-ina! i was walking along taft when i suddenly looked at my backpack and i saw a guy whose hands were inside my bag. when i asked him what he was doing, d nya ko pinancin. then he said, "Bakit may nawala ba??"
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind Member PExer
    a rat!

    kinain nya yung baon ko na di ko nakain before nung elementary pa ako.. :D
  • TWIX1TWIX1 Registered User PExer
    just yesterday, i found a pencil sharpener which wasn't mine in my bag. buti nalang may initials so i figured it was my classmate's. :) nahulog nya daw dun during our exam.
  • PointlessPointless still learning PExer
    I was feeling under the weather one day so I decided to go home early. I took my bag with me and left school. After I got home, I took out my notes for later study and I saw this unmarked VHS tape. I decided to watch it and was surprised to see a soft-core porn anime movie. I watched it and brought it the next day. Turns out that my classmate placed it in my bag for safekeeping coz he didn't bring a bag with him. He was so disappointed coz he wanted to watch the tape that day...
  • marblesmarbles Member ✭✭
    a big fat brown cockroach kasi naiwan ko yung onion peels na ginamit namin for our bio experiment. Eeeeeewwwwww
  • our cordless phone. so alaskado ako the whole day kasi ang laki daw ng cell ko. :lol:
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PExer
  • jo_mariejo_marie Member PExer
    when we were in highschool, my guy friends loved to play pranks on us. they would stuff our bags with all these weird stuff. there was a time when i went home with a couple of empty softdrink bottles. minsan nman nakauwi ako sa bahay with a walis tambo in my gym bag!!
  • walangdilawalangdila M?$T?RKiLL?RG??N PExer
    a pack of fried peanuts i've bought 1 week ago.. so puro langgam yung bag ko :lol:
  • MoiraineMoiraine Aes Sedai PExer
    When I was in grade school (o high school ata), yong binaon kong sandwich for a friday, nakita ko nung monday na, iba na ang kulay, amoy, at parang may colony na ng amag sa loob yuck
  • 11# UST_guard'9811# UST_guard'98 Camp Lejeune PExer
    Nursery ako mga chalk....

    Nong high school ako sa UST.... gamit ng teammates ko....

    Nong high school ako sa New Jesrey....make up ng besfriend ko.

    Nong nag-take ako ng Emergency Medical Service... mga office work ko instead of my homeworks.

  • KMnO4KMnO4 Member PExer
    our tv remote control

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