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Attention: Fitness First Membership Transfer

Hi there!!! I have 2 membership transfers available right now (Mine and my friend's) for Fitness First (Home Base is Libis). It's a Passport Membership so you could you use it in every Fitness First Branch, except Fitness First RCBC Plaza coz' they have higher monthly rates there. We started January this year, meaning we already paid for the membership fee and other joining fees. We are supposed to complete the 1-year contract with Fitness First before we can have it cancelled so that means we have already used 4 moths of the contract and the our membership is good until January 2008. Unfortunately, we are going to be assigned in a call center situated in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, so we thought we don't have to continue it in malaysia any longer since the condominium we will be staying at has training facilities which comes with the rent so there's no point of going (and spending) to Fitness First Malaysia. We had our membership in freeze mode until somebody decides to continue our memberships. We will be leaving 3rd week of May so if you are really interested, we could have the membership transfer taken cared ASAP. All you have to pay for every month is Php2,470 for the next 8 months for each membership. OF course you may take only 1 of the two memberships if you don't know anybody else interested. On the 8th month, technically the 12th month, you will be asked if you would still want to continue with the membership.

Although they require you to have a credit card (or at least know someone who has one and is willing to lend it to you), you can opt to pay it by cash every month just like what we have been doing. They need a credit card just for show, and please make sure that there is still room for a 1-peso charge on the card which they will also cancel after charging it. This is just to make sure that the card is not cancelled or maxed out. This is also an assurance for Fitness First that you have a credit card they can charge for your monthly bill just in case you won't be able to pay by cash. The deadline for cash payment is every 25th of the month. So that means you pay in advance. So let's say you want to start in June, you need to pay Php2,470 cash on or before the 25th of May and so on.

If you have any other questions, please Pm me or send me an email through [email protected]



  • Who's interested in a platinum membership for fitness first? I won't be able to continue my 1 year contract due to health issues. monthly fee is 3900 per month. It is a platinum membership so you can use it in any branch even at fitness first out of the country. You can also bring a friend every friday for free. You'll just have to shoulder the transfer fee. For more info pls contact me directly on my phone. 09358899524
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