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The Beauty Pageants Thread - VII



  • perakperak Member PExer
    Another strong contender for Miss Polonia title - Anna Tarnowska!

  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭


    Azemina Hot of Nice was crowned Miss C?te d'Azur 2007 recently.
    hot2ae6.jpg hot1wg9.jpg

    She stands 5'11" and will compete in Miss France 2008 on December 8 for the chance to represent France in Miss Universe 2008.

    Courtesy of East West Models.
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    18-year old Mandy Falla of Abymes was crowned Miss Guadeloupe 2007 recently.


    She stands 5'11" and will go to Miss France 2008 on December 8 for the chance to represent France in Miss Universe 2008.

    Courtesy of Espace Guadeloupe.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭


    Miss Universe panel eyes Vietnam for 2008 pageant

    President of The Miss Universe Organization Paula Mary Shugart will visit Vietnam from August 8-10 to scout destinations for the 2008 Miss Universe contest.

    Shugart will be accompanied by a vice president and four other pageant officials when she tours the popular beach town Nha Trang, the mountain getaways of Da Lat, and Hanoi, the capital city.

    The schedule was unveiled by the Advertising & Trade Fair Joint Stock Company, CIAT, which is the Miss Universe Organization’s Vietnamese partner.

    CIAT said that Vietnam's successful hosting of a host of major regional and international events, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' meeting, put the country on the Miss Universe's shortlist for next year.

    Other countries that are in running for the event include Spain, Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    Source: VNA
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    Miss Georgia 2007 and Runner-Up May Lose Titles for Marriages

    Beauty queen says she was bride kidnapped.

    A scandal has erupted over the “Miss Georgia 2007” beauty contest. Eighteen-year-old Nino Likuchova was crowned the winner in Batumi on July 14, but contest officials may strip her of the title after allegations surfaced that she has been married—and media reports say the most beautiful girl in Georgia was convicted of perjury and given two years probation.

    According to the rules of the contest, contestants should not have been married. The first one to report on the scandalous past of Miss Georgia was Alia newspaper. Reporters allege that Likuchova lied to the organizers of the contest and hid the fact that two years ago she was engaged to a certain Merab Abashidze. In an interview with Rustavi 2 Likuchova said she doesn’t think of this as a marriage because she was forced into this relationship that lasted only four days:

    “He and his friends kidnapped me from my town, kept me locked up and threatened me with guns. Those were the most terrible days in my life. As for the rumors that I am on probation, I will prove them wrong when I freely leave the country for the Miss Universe Contest,” said Likuchova.

    The press published the photos of the wedding ceremony of Nino and her evidently handicapped young husband, standing by her side with crutches in both hands. It turned out that Abashidze won the case when Nino put him on trial because he presented those pictures. As the Alia Newspaper said the court took Abashidze’s side and sentenced Nino Likuchova to two years probation.

    “I never did anything to her by force. If I wanted to become her legitimate husband by force I would have taken her to Konka (registry office in Tbilisi), but we were in church, having our marriage blessed,” says Abashidze.

    Rustavi 2 reporters visited Abashidze’s house. His parents refused to give any details, but announced only that “this girl” never was at their house. They also found video material, proving that two years ago Likuchova’s parents went to the police asking them to find their kidnapped daughter.

    If the rumors prove to be true Nino Likuchova will not be able to go to the Miss Universe Contest as she has no right to leave the country until the probation period is over.

    Image Centre, the company which organized the Beauty Contest, refused to make any comment until the full picture became clear. “We learnt about it from the press. We can’t make any statements yet; we just have to clear it all up. There are too many questions. We asked Likuchova to come to Tbilisi” a representative of Image Centre said.

    As a rule, if Nino Likuchova can not depart for China and represent the country at the Miss Universe Contest, the vice “Miss Georgia”, Nino Lekveishvili, should go instead. The problem, however, is that Nino Lekveishvili was also married in the past. When filling in the questionnaire, she simply lied about her marital status. Urgent consultations are underway at Image Center. A decision has yet to be made.

    By Sophia Baslandze
    2007.08.06 15:01
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    If the Miss Georgia 2007 winner and 1st RU are dethroned, then:

    2nd RU Tamuna Nemsicveridze, 20, 5'8" will assume the title and will represent Georgia in Miss World 2007.
    gdde7.jpg gdao2.jpg

    3rd RU Teona Chakraviani, 17, 5'11" will go to Miss Universe 2008.
    gdsz6.jpg gdwq5.jpg


    Stay tuned for the official announcement.
  • cathybeecathybee Make It Work! PExer
    JENSIE_G wrote: »
    Honey Lee becomes one of Gucci's newest models/ambassadors.

    Of course, Riyo Mori has her usual fashion sense that covers some of the big names in fashion like Gucci, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Miu Miu, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yushiyuki to name a few. And she's set to appear in ELLE after her June appearance at the Vogue CFDA 2007 Awards.

    Teka. How ironic that Riyo won MU with Gucci but Honey was made the newest model/ambassador? Tama ba intindi ko?!

    And I think the labels are going over the Korean gals more...Celine even created a line with Korean actress.

    On MU candidate cities - will candidates done labels and high fashion if held in Japan?! :P
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    Miss Cayman Islands 2007 will be crowned on September 29.

    Winner will represent the Cayman Islands in Miss World 2007 and Miss Universe 2008.

    Stay tuned for updates.
  • cathybeecathybee Make It Work! PExer
    Got this article re: Ms Korea07 :) She look pretty there. She got nice eyes :)
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    cathybee wrote: »
    Teka. How ironic that Riyo won MU with Gucci but Honey was made the newest model/ambassador? Tama ba intindi ko?!

    I think Honey's Gucci stint is for Korea only. :D
    On MU candidate cities - will candidates done labels and high fashion if held in Japan?! :P

    Maybe! Almost all imaginable fashion labels have stores and outlets in Japan, especially in Tokyo! :)
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    cathybee wrote: »
    Got this article re: Ms Korea07 :) She look pretty there. She got nice eyes :)

    WOW!!!!! Huge improvement since she won the crown!!!

    Thanks! *okay*
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    August 18, Saturday
    Miss Jamaica World 2007

    August 25, Saturday
    Miss Togo 2007

    September 1, Saturday
    Miss Mauritius 2007
    Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2007

    September 2, Sunday
    Hoa Hau Viet Nam 2007
    Suomen Neito 2007

    September 13, Thursday
    Miss Venezuela 2007

    September 15, Saturday
    Miss Belize 2007
    Miss Polonia 2007

    September 16, Sunday
    Miss Maailma Suomi 2007

    September 22, Saturday
    Miss Brasil Mundo 2007
    Miss Michigan USA 2008

    September 23, Sunday
    Miss Polski 2007
    Miss Rhode Island USA 2008
    Miss Wisconsin USA 2008

    September 24, Monday
    Miss Italia 2007

    September 26, Wednesday
    Miss World Hungary 2007

    September 29, Saturday
    Miss Cayman Islands 2007
    Miss & Mister Deutschland 2007

    October 4, Thursday
    Miss World Sweden 2007

    October 6, Saturday
    Miss Deutschland 2007
    Miss Tennessee USA 2008
    Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2007

    October 13, Saturday
    Miss Marianas Universe 2007
    Miss Mississippi USA 2008
    Miss Schweiz 2007

    October 14, Sunday
    Miss Wyoming USA 2008

    October 21, Sunday
    Miss Arizona USA 2008
    Miss New Hampshire USA 2008

    October 27, Saturday
    Miss Alabama USA 2008
    Miss North Carolina USA 2008

    October 28, Sunday
    Miss Colorado USA 2008
    Miss Nebraska USA 2008

    November 4, Sunday
    Miss Indiana USA 2008
    Miss Maryland USA 2008

    November 10, Saturday
    Miss Georgia USA 2008
    Miss Louisiana USA 2008

    November 11, Sunday
    Miss Connecticut USA 2008
    Miss Earth 2007
    Miss Missouri USA 2008
    Miss South Dakota USA 2008
    Miss Washington USA 2008

    November 17, Saturday
    Miss South Carolina USA 2008
    Miss West Virginia USA 2008

    November 18, Sunday
    Miss Illinois USA 2008
    Miss Pennsylvania USA 2008

    November 25, Sunday
    Miss Arkansas USA 2008
    Miss California USA 2008
    Miss Delaware USA 2008
    Miss Minnesota USA 2008
    Miss Oregon USA 2008

    November 29, Thursday
    Miss Republica Dominicana Universo 2008

    December 1, Saturday
    Miss Ohio USA 2008
    Miss World 2007

    December 2, Sunday
    Miss Oklahoma USA 2008

    December 8, Saturday
    Miss France 2008
    Miss South Africa 2007

    December 14, Friday
    Miss Angola 2008*

    December 16, Sunday
    Miss Belgique 2008*
    Miss Kansas USA 2008

    February 9, Saturday
    Miss Suomi 2008*

    March 22, Saturday
    Miss Universe Nederland 2008

    * not 100% confirmed
  • cookie1999cookie1999 Member PExer
    cathybee wrote: »

    On MU candidate cities - will candidates done labels and high fashion if held in Japan?! :P

    Japan has hosted Miss International 40 years ...

    I hope Miss Universe 2008 will be hosted by an europen country.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    Sushmita Sen, currently one of India's top endorsers.

    She's the new face of Olay Total Effects. India's counterpart for Miriam Quiambao.
    2007080555131501.jpg sushmita_sen_age248.jpg

    Miriam Quiambao

    Watch Sushmita's video:

    Courtesy of IBN Live & Hindu.
  • cathybeecathybee Make It Work! PExer
    I did have thought about MI and Japan but I also thought of the fact that MU management is different from MI. Trump is a businessman and he will not allow MU to succumb to ratings death so to speak :)

    On Ms Korean 2007 ... I forgot to add how smart she thinks. Very impressive. Like the way her answer of thinking how to "market" and "brand" Korean women and how she is dead serious in "planning" and "managing" it hehehe... Hanep!*okay*
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    I agree. Any possible venue for MU in Japan? Is the Tokyo Dome big? :wondering:

    Re: Miss Korea, if she continues with her makeover, she can make it to the semi-finals, or even finals next year in MU!

  • cookie1999cookie1999 Member PExer
  • cookie1999cookie1999 Member PExer
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    Natalie's so beautiful! She looks better nowadays compared to when she was still Miss Universe.
  • cookie1999cookie1999 Member PExer
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