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factors that affects a very quick......

I had an intimate talk with my bf the other night after doing the deed...We started it off from our childhood memories, the games that we used to play when we were kid up to the time that we have our 1st bf/gf. Anyways, he mentioned that he used to have a gf before me and they only lasted for a couple of months, we met i think 2yrs after they broke up. He said that when they do the deed they can have as much as 3 rounds, but to this days with me we can only have 1 round. He actually paid it through foreplay so i was ok with that.

Im just curious because he said that before matagal daw syang labasan kasi daw it's more on sex and walang love. With me daw parang sobrang excited sya kaya ang bilis tapos meron daw love. Tapos nabanggit daw nung katrabaho nya sa kanya na dapat if mag aasawa ka ung at least meron namang itsura kasi pang pagana daw un, dahil baka daw tagatak na ang pawis mo eh hindi pa rin natatapos at sobrang pagod na. How true is this sa guys??? Though i know that being tired eh can lessen the performance. Pero curious talaga ako dun sa mga sinabe nya i wonder if feelings and excitement with the partner could be one of the reason why he has this really quick eja.

enlighten me people! :) tenk u!


  • VictoroVictoro Member PExer
    You want to know the truth? Once nagasawa na ang babae, hindi na nagaayos at tumataba. Eh kung panget na siya before she gets married, ano pa kaya ang itsura niya after nag asawa na siya? Guys are turned on visually, kaya nga mahilig sila sa xxx magazines at movies.
  • lifeonthe_edgelifeonthe_edge Member PExer
    Victorio hello,

    salamat sa sagot mo. Pero parang nalabuan ako lalo. Im more concern dun sa baket mabilis sya matapos was it because of excitement and the feelings that he has for me kaya mabilis sya matapos? Was it true?

    Although factor din yung lagi syang pagod sa work kasi nga double job sya.
  • cyanadecyanade Member PExer
    I think the combination of excitement and his feelings towards you. You are maybe more attractive than his ex gf. Generally, guys are more into visual… that’s probably why guys prefer the lights on when making love. They want to see what is pleasing to their eyes.

    On the other hand, gals are into sensual and they want the lights off so they can concentrate through senses.

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