Incoming freshie sa College of Science!!

:D kamusta ang mga incoming freshmen dito?

Damn, I can't wait to see how will the first day of school in college will be?? Exciting! :lol:

Ang dami pa namang gwapong fafachoi, hahahaha!! Can't wait.

Hello UST, I'm coming!! Weee~~ :rotflmao:


  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    Hope you last long.


    Not all that were accepted are worthy to be called Thomasians. (just bear that in mind as some professors would tell you that as well)
  • Thanks for the warm welcome!
    yeah, whatever. It's understood that UST students are called Thomasian, why bother to compromised with other professors?
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PExer
    That is somewhat our morning greeting when I was a freshman there.

    Good luck and have fun. :)
  • bibeduckbibeduck Member PExer
    ' wrote:
    Ang dami pa namang gwapong fafachoi, hahahaha!!

    Word for the Day ko na sya. fafachoi. hehehehehe
  • il_divinoil_divino Member PExer
    haha it's going to be one hell of a ride!!!!! bio major ka ba........wait unitl you meet ma'm DR:grrr: gud luck
  • loudintrovertloudintrovert Member PExer
    yey!!.. ako rin incoming freshie.. same college rin.. ang saya..:)

    :meow::kittycat::) :meow::kittycat::)
  • epsilon_aurigaeepsilon_aurigae Member PExer
    hekhek,,aq din..incoming freshman s college of bio hir...=)

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