sleeping with an ex while in a long distance relationship with a guy you havent met..



  • infinite_trialinfinite_trial ♥ Drayer PExer
    teka babawiin ko yung prev post ko..

    maybe all you want is a "fubu" for now
  • DeadHungryDeadHungry Member PExer
    Don't mean to offend pero you make settling down sound like a job application.. what ever happened to marrying the one you love? I mean its not like your ex is on project basis and the LDR is gonna be on probation once you see each other dba?..
  • blue_tracerblue_tracer soundscapes PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ok lang yun.. hala bira.. ha ha ha ha.. :lol:

    wala kami (pexers) sa posisyon para mag judge kung unfair/fair..

    besides, no one else will take a record of that but you.

    kaya lang, kailan ang cut-off date sa sexpikikay bouts mo dito sa ex-bf mo..? you said, your ldr bf is due to arrive this may or june.. wouldnt it be awkward if you just had sex with your bf few days ago and you'll be having sex with your ldr-bf say, tomorrow..? let's hope you dont get confused when that time comes.

    goodie-goodie lak.

    he he he.. happy espikikay! :)
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    well my ex makes an effort of keeping a communication with me thru chat or text...we dont really meet up and do it regularly ...otherwise i dont even make an effort of that constant communication at all bec i'd like to eventually focus on my ldr bf already.
  • einhandereinhander thank god for the atheist PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    isa para sa sex, isa para sa pera *okay*
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    let me put it this way....ex is for fun, a sub while im waiting for the one who is still away and i want to get serious with. why if my ex was serious about us why would i still look far and away. im just being practical.
  • infinite_trialinfinite_trial ♥ Drayer PExer
    o case closed na pala. nakapag-isip na ang threadstarter.
  • pinkfrogpinkfrog Member PExer
    Of course you're a cheater. You just admitted to doing it with your ex while you're already in a relationship with this other guy who's in the states.

    It doesn't matter if people say he's your imaginary BF. What matters is ... HOW REAL the relationship is to you. Just because you haven't met or seen each other face to face doesn't make the feelings and emotions you've both invested less REAL.

    Distance is one of the few things that test the mettle of a relationship. If you can't get past that, how do you expect to weather the harder problems that may come along when you're married?
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    you have a very brilliant answer pinkfrog
  • christian79christian79 Member PExer
    if u have committed to the guy from the states, yes, u are a cheater!!!!
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    well im actually getting rid of my ex coz he has too many dramas

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