sleeping with an ex while in a long distance relationship with a guy you havent met..



  • JasonFilAmJasonFilAm AUDI S5 PExer
    This post is just ridiculous. It would suck being the imaginary BF! I think you should handle the situation with him about breaking up with him because obviously he has future plans for you. But how could you even call the guy your bf when you haven't met him physically and that you don't have an idea how this guy is when you two physically meet. And keeping that in mind, you would sleep with your ex because you had physical needs to fulfull that your imaginary bf obviously can't do. That's so unfair if you really REALLY think about it. What would you do if the situation was the other way around? Seriously, think about it.
  • NilsNils Hunter PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sarah28 wrote: »
    thank you guys for your weighing things now. my plan is to
    continue seeing my ex, but ill keep the LDR bf until we meet so that I can better see if there will be sparks when we see in person.although I am sure that I can love this person I just need to get to know him more I guess. I had another LDR bf before him last year that didnt work out I was truly crazy inlove with that guy and believe me Im still very affected until now, I was kinda devastated thats why it made me skeptical and wary about this new LDR guy . at the back of my mind what if this is another failure? while my ex is so physically available for me but I could not see him opening up about future...

    what else can you say???

    good decision... dont wory bout all these bleeding hearts out here who are so very concerned with ur LDR bf... they dont know him, they havent seen him but they care about that his feelings are gonna get hurt... if ur LDR doesnt work... sick him into one of these care bears... maybe they'll sacrifice their physical needs to 'not hurt' someone they dont know yet... :rotflmao:
  • greenberetgreenberet FREE TIBET !!! PExer
    well, youre suckering two guys right now . . . your "imaginary bf" bcoz he thinks that you are his . . . and that guy who is banging you bcoz he knows that you arent his . . . but that guy who is banging you shouldnt complain, hes getting laid complements of you . . .

    FREE TIBET !!!
  • rlg4loansrlg4loans Member PExer
    I think your definition of "future" is quite different. Be honest to yourself, your in this LDR because of the potential to live in the US. Who in the right mind can have a committed relationship to someone you haven't met, except God. Likewise, chances are, you won't click w/ this guy who did the same or you think is also committed. I know someone like you who relied on her LDR, actually they have met 3x, the guy flew to MNL...just to find out later that the guy has another LDR in Cagayan de Oro. She was devastated cuz she was faithful to her LDR....I know so, she was my fubu prior to her LDR. How did you meet this guy, web dating, if I may ask?
  • tungtungtungtung Member PExer
    Sarah28 wrote: »
    ofcourse id be hurt , im a girl. but in a guy's perspective
    do you think my ex is hurt? i assume he's enjoying this since he's a guy...
    tao lang din kame mga lalake, nasasaktan din kame. kung di siya seryoso then di siya masasaktan.
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    yeah i met my new LDR thru friendster ...actually we met 2 years ago but at that time he was still married so i focused on another guy who then became my LDR bf last year, one that did not work out but i fell in love with that guy so when we broke up , incidentally after a week my new LDR guy reappered and this time he is divorced, so we became close and now he is my new LDR bf.
  • jed_allanjed_allan Sexual Intellectual PExer
    ambilis mo namang mag LDR.gusto mo ba talaga ng asawa o gusto mo lang mag abroad? LOL
  • infinite_trialinfinite_trial ♥ Drayer PExer
    maybe all you want is someone you can call a "bf"...and you're havin second thoughts cuz he was once married.
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    i simply want to settle down with a guy who can love me and offer me that.
  • aequusnoxaequusnox Member PExer
    why don't you get back with your ex (since somehow you must be reconsidering another chance with him)?

    how serious are you with the LDR guy? why dont u two start off as friends... then once u see each other, then saka kayo mag decide if ull pursue the relationship or not.

  • batinks13batinks13 Alaktrikal Gingineer PExer
    grabe naman tong thread na to..

    hilig mo naman sa LDR na hindi mo naman kaya na maging faithful

    might as well na bumalik ka na lang sa ex mo. Stop being selfish, only thinking about your future (hell, in the States pa). Stop hurting this "imaginary bf" because kapag nalaman nya yan he'd feel so betrayed.
  • pinaytxusapinaytxusa Member PExer
    You're playing the field. As long as di ka pa engaged, i think that's ok. Collect and select... Bear in mind though, if ever you choose between the 2 guys and they know about your past, it will come to haunt you...there'll be trust issues. If you play the field make sure you're smart...
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    precisely! as long as im not yet engaged besides there's still aint any closure with the first LDR bf last year and now he's also coming in the picture.
  • shychicshychic paradoxical PExer
    ^^ and the plot thickens. ang haba ng hair! :lol:

    Just to reiterate my opinion, its ok to play, as long as the players are ok with the rules and no one gets hurt in the process.
  • slutfaceslutface ♪Yonic♥Maray♪ PExer
    I'm sleeping with your long distance bf! Stop the selfishness and make up your bloody mind!
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    my LDR bf will come here by June this year if not this May so we'll have a so called "test drive" if everything else works then we'll get serious and ill stop seeing that ex for good.
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    no offense meant but what if the ex is better in bed?
  • st.angerst.anger Domo! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the threadstarter was only waiting for someone to say "it's ok"

    i guess that lessens the guilt eh? :glee:
  • ayaneayane Member PExer
    ^ yeah. especially if things start to fall apart...

    she can blame others and go, "but the pexers said it's ok!" :lol:
  • Sarah28Sarah28 what's your story? PExer
    naaah like i said i can love the LDR bf long time and ill go for him bec he can offer something permanent thats if things will be ok after we meet. my ex should have been ok but he is only as good as a bf. i want to settle down and i want to be with someone with the same goal as mine.

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