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san magandang magpafacial? :) yung pang boys ahhhh


  • Pare gusto mo free facial demo. May friend ung wife ko may vanity fair sila sa saturday April 28. It will also give you an opportunity to choose facial products that are hi-tech that really tanggal ung mga blackheads and whiteheads including facial warts and afforadable. At saka meron sila non-surgical facelift. You can use the product at home and you don't have to pay salon or derma. PM me if you are interested exclusive kasi ung fair by invitation lang.
  • acid head wrote: »
    san magandang magpafacial? :) yung pang boys ahhhh

    Try Mary Kay, they have the best free facial with the opportunity that will give you the cash;) and the results*pope*

    Best of Mary Kay cosmetics
    1. Microdermabrasion ( a dermabrasion in a zap, quickly uplifts dead skin cells in your first try!) ( removes acne scars, and uneven coloring)
    2. Replenish C ( A botox in a jar, makes your skin younger after one day try!)
    3. Formula 2 customized skin care- controls dirt and pimples
    4. Pure White ( for people who want that super flawless skin that of a celebrity without drying your face)
    5. Timewise Night Solution- ( a real miracle cream that smoothen your face and your wrinkles)
    It really works, hope this helps:)
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