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Buhay Pinoy Reminders

uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
edited September 2019 in Buhay Pinoy #1
Just a quick reminder.

I would appreciate if you refresh your memories on this part of the User Agreement under User Conduct item i:

You agree not to use the PinoyExchange Forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors, which includes direct posts as well as active links to other sites on the Internet, without permission from the PinoyExchange Administrator. All such requests for permission should be directed through the Administrative forum. You may, however, include URLs or active links to commercial sites, reasonable in number, only for the sole purpose of expanding on comments or providing additional information as part of regular forum interactions.

If you want to advertise, kindly ask permission.

Thank you very much.


  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    all that is great and unique about the Pinoy life. Talk about the good and even the not so good side of living the life of a Filipino.
    topics under the description above should belong here in Buhay Pinoy forum. Topics that are not under this thought (kahit lagyan pa ng mga salitang "para sa pinoy,") should not belong in the forum.
    personal messages to other PExers such as birthday greetings, words of encouragement, even love letters!
    topics under the description above should be posted not in Buhay Pinoy forum but in Personals forum. Even your PEx barkada threads should be posted under that forum.
    fun threads unrelated to other forums as well as cool thread games your fellow PExers have come up with
    ...should be posted under the Small Talk forum.

    We all know that Buhay Pinoy is a "feel-good" forum, but please don't clutter the forum with irrelevant threads such as:

    cardinal scene
    Bakit ang daming CHEAP na taga LMTV sa BP ngayon na nag Pin Farming?
    Kaya mo bang dilaan ang siko mo?
    Mga kuya ano po ang english ng TAGALOG?
    Wala kaming pasok!!!!
    uhm... ok.
    [url=http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=575241[/url]Where can Melanie Salucha be?[/url]
    ...and so on..

    as for spoofing threads, there are valid spoof threads, and there are those that are obviously just waste of cyber space. let us draw a line between these.

    as for the chat thread, the admin has allowed one (1) official buhay pinoy chat thread to exist in the forum. but of course, posts are all subject to the User Agreement

    for any concerns, you may send us (uptowngirl & i) your private message, or you may contact the admins through the Contact Us page.

    Salamat po. ;)
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    edited November 2018 #3
    isama na natin dito yung napakarami at hindi mamatay-matay na "Sosyal ka ba kung..." threads. hindi pang-BP yung karamihan dun.
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