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K-9 in Benilde

It's been quite a time now since I've been to CSB and when I went there for a TOR copy, I noticed that a K-9 dog is posted along the main gate of Taft. I asked one of the guards and said that it is a drug and bomb-sniffing dog. There was no such during my time so I'm just wondering if does the school need this now or the Admin is just paranoid? Sabagay at least may napupuntahan ang ginintuang matrikula ng mga estudyante.:confused:


  • Krazie_boneKrazie_bone PEx Rookie ⭐
    i'm looking at two things: 'yung security unit kasi ng isang company nag-uundergo ng bidding, which is to get the best possible package at a price advantageous for the client. Usually kasama na 'yang mga K-9 units sa package given that schools alongside with government agencies are considered as public places dahill sa maraming tao ang nagpupunta at nakapaligid sa lugar day in and day out.

    Second, given the proximity of CSB to the LRT, which is the subject of many bomb threats, I'm guessing it's prerogative of the admin to safeguard the welfare of its students and employees kaya nag-set up sila ng additional measures, although i have yet to see a K-9 unit roaming around the DLSU campus.
  • siguro for safety reasons na rin.. kasi meron din ako nakita sa csb hotel and hindi sa akic nakatambay un K-9..
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Baka kumakalat na ang pirated DVDs sa school? :glee:
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