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Judge the book by it's cover : immature or mature

thebluemysterythebluemystery tantanananana PExer
hi just want to ask because i dont know if this is right..

coz the saying "Judge the book by it's cover."

i feel that this is for the immature people.. anyways just tell me if im wrong..

because I think.. judging a book by it's cover is like putting more emphasis on the cover rather than the content.. i know in reality it's really frequent to get both of two worlds.. and always you are getting good cover and bad content.. sometimes bad cover/presentation but good content.. im talking about not only or not literally for the books but for everything specially us..

the thing is.. is it right to say that we can't really judgethe book by it's cover..

because 'covers' is what you see kaya nakaka judge ka kagad.. but if read and understand the content.. maybe that's the time to really judge..

it's like yung cover madali masira, get's crumbled.. but when you read and understand the content, kahit masira na yung whole books and pages.. nasa mind mo naman na yung content..

anyways just enlighten me about this..


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