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Bituin Escalante

What can you say about her?

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  • I was really impressed by her singing in Rent's 525,600 minutes. And i liked her as Mary Magdalene. :) I heard only recently from my friends that she has an album na and it's... uh... i dunno. Parang sayang lang voice niya. Target yata ng album niya mga C-D crowd. Well, from the way my friends described it... What a waste!
  • She's definitely a multi-talented artist who deserves more exposure. I guess it's up to people like us to spread the word.

    BTW, the route she's taking isn't so much the CD route but an appeal to people who like good music - in Filipino. The album's actually pretty tasty.
  • Hi!

    if you have info/news about her...hope you can share some with fans like me....thank youuuu!

    these are the things i know so far...

    - she has an album called RELEASE
    - she was part of the RENT Manila cast 99 and 2001 and other Atlantis productions.

    ehehe...dats ol

    ciao...have a good weekend everyone!
  • Nood ka. May concert siya on Wednesday sa Street Life with Calvin Millado at 9 pm. I watched it and I had so much fun. She is very very pretty, not to mention such singing prowess :D
  • she's a friend of my brother's gf. she went to st. bridgets in high school and lives near proj 3. teka, i'll ask more info from my bro's gf...
  • Sa Project 4 sya nakatira at dati kasama sya sa choir na kumakanta sa Our Lady of Miraculous Medal doon.
  • Thanks SPIKER, RORS, and YAGBADOODLES cute name yagi...

    maraming salamat sa pagsuporta ng thread na ito :) hehehe...anyway just keep posting ok?

    spikey baby thanks for the info, tara let's watch on wed! :)
    heard Bituin was wonderful!!! Love the voice...though di ko masyado gusto yung songs nya sa album nya...just bought it to support her...

    yags...hope you wont mind if i ask...do you live near her place? bat alam mo? curious lang po.

  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    :wave: hey im a fan too!!!

  • hi crybabymaki!!! nice to hear from you!

    yeey cool dumadami na tayo!!!...6?
    pwede na tayong magtayo ng fan club hehehe joke...:)

    I wonder if Bituin's also a pexer...
    but then, I read her chat transcript in pinoycentral...
    accordng to her she's low-tech daw di nga nya alam pano i-access yung email nya...:-(

    She's cute and funny! I love her. When she sings she turns me on :blush: GALENG SOBRA!!! SUPER TALENTED! As in like this --> :wow:

    gusto ko sya maging friend :-) hehehe parang ang saya!

    oh and have you heard her sing jonathan larson's LOVE HEALS? you should listen to it...bagay na bagay yung song sa boses nya not like the songs in her album....

    the song is included in the cd. The title of the cd is "LOVE CONQUERS ALL", songs performed by RENT Manila Cast.
    She also did Coming Out of The Dark with Ana Fegi in that cd. GANDA REN SUPER!!!

    I think this is too much....next time ulet kayo naman.

    ciao...have a good week friends!
  • i forgot to ask crybabymaks....where did you see her perform? in RENT? 99 or 2001?

    share naman your bituin escalante experience :D hehehe
    i mean, what came to your mind when you first saw her perform...
    dats ol
  • Hello to everyone in this thread :D

    Scusimoi - Hello there B2. You mentioned something about the Love Conquers All CD. Gosh, I have a copy of that too, and it is so good. My favorite track, besides Love Heals, is the Lean on Me song with the guys singing. Most of the singers can carry a tune, but there is ONE voice that stands out in that track. I love HIS voice.

    Ang cute naman ng emoticon mo na lumalaki yung mata. Siguro ganyan ka talaga pa napapanood mo siya. Feeling ko lang, ganon ka. Ang cute :D

    Sige, kaibiganin mo siya. I support you. Mabaet naman siya eh.

    Talaga? Low tech ba talaga si Bituin? Ang cute naman niya. Oh, so kelan ang EB natin? Are you going to the show on wednesday? I want to go, and if you are going magkita tayo. PM ko nalang sayo yung phone number ko para we can arrange a place and time.

    To the other Bituin Fans, please come support her at her show on Wednesday, 28th of November at 8:00 Streetlife. She is performing with Calvin Millado and the WiseGuyz. You just have to pay a small entrance fee that is consumable. Lets ALL go guys, so we can have our first EB. Hehehe.
  • YEAH! sige nood tayo :D im so excited....to see you...hehehe
    yeah ganda rin yung lean on me sa cd...and yung count on me....3 songs lang yung kay may bituin don right?

    love heals, coming out of the dark, chaka yung we're all in this together/bring on tom...

    actually super na wa-WOW :wow2: talaga ako sa kanya! i mean di nga sya kasing sikat nila lani, regine, pops, zsazsa, or kung sino pang diva on screen meron sila BUT SHE'S STILL THE BEST FOR ME! she reminds me of the movie, Sister Act and the voice of Lauryn Hill and Alanis Morissette combined....BASTA....o diba kakaiba???...rocker na r&b....SUPER KAKAIBA!...sige nga pakantahin mo ng alanis songs sila regine feeling ko lang di maganda hehehe (sama ko!) basta...or kung di man si alanis, si fiona apple or tori amos...basta!!!!

    does anybody here agree with me? or ako lang ang may weird na tenga? hehehe...uy hindi ah!

    even the way she carries herself is something ________! ayan fill in the blank....haaay...

    Wait, spikes, you seem like you know Bituin...friend mo sya? wala lang kasi parang cloase kayo...diba she will be portraying the role of the Acid queen in tommy's musical sometime in July next year...just saw that in the souvenir programme of Rent...

    o sige kwento ka lang about her...just go on...

    what about the others? baka di na nila nakita tong thread na to
    :( since it has been merged :( crybaby, rors, yagbadude....uy say something anything..."Test 1,2,3 eeeee" anything but that :)
    I'm so weird.

    k time to shut up!

    hope to hear from everyone in this thread again...minsan na nga lang ako magpex....la pa pumapansin...poor baby!
  • Hey, Bituin fans. See you on Wednesday, ok? *okay*

    Ripped the Original Broadway Recording of Rent of my friend's into my computer and turned the songs into MP3 format. And everytime I hear the songs being sung by the Broadway's Joanne, I can't help but picture Bituin singing. She really, REALLY got the voice down pat, it's almost like she's really the one singing on the album.

    Sayang na because of the copyright law and such, the Philippine cast of "RENT" couldn't make their own recording of the play's songs. That's the reason why they instead churned out the "Love Conquers All" album.
  • Originally posted by Scusimoi
    yags...hope you wont mind if i ask...do you live near her place? bat alam mo? curious lang po.

    Kasi kilala ko na sya nung 10 pa lang sya.
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    since i live here in the states, i only get to see her through asap. but ive never missed any of her performances, and she never ceases to give me the creeps everytime i see her sing. grabe, sumalangit nawa ang ngala-ngala ng kahit sinong makikisabay sa pagkanta ni bituin.

    hey does she have an album already??? hmmm....makapunta nga sa filipino store mamaya at makabili.

  • Yagbadoodles - ang cool naman you've known her since she was 10 hahaha...i wonder what she was like when she was a kid...feeling ko lang para syang si Sis. Mary Clarence...she also studied in JASMS right? and according to her JASMS stands for Junior American School for Millionaire Students :) hehehe...

    Hat_tr1ck - I think the Filipino cast will have their own recording of the RENT cd...they're just waiting for Miramax to finish filming Rent...i read in an article somewhere that they will start recording after miramax releases its own version...currently kasi they have the rights thingy so what Atlantis did was, they produced a single album called RENT - the Manila CD single...puro Seasons of Love...with Martin Nievera and their own version...
    and yeah! super Bituing bituin yung Joanne sa original no? actually even Michael de Mesa sounds like the original Tom Collins...super! and do you know Lana Jalosjos? the one who played Maureen this year's Rent? she can vary her voice also and sound like the real Maureen. grabe galing talaga mga Pinoy no?

    anyway...YEEY! you're watching too...woohooo! 3 na tayo!

    Cyrbabymaki - Hehehe you're funny....buti ka pa you see her in ASAP...me, I never see her there...I rarely watch ASAP kasi eh...and to think I live here in Pinas...when i watch Asap naman, absent sya...and oh go look for the "Love Conquers All" CD...hope you like it....hehehe feeling aken...if you can't find it i'll rip my cd and send you the song Love Heals in mp3 format :) if that's ok with you.

    Spiker - yoohoo! where are yooou? :) miss na kita.

    To others - Hello! cant say good to hear from you naman kasi la pa kayo sinasabi so...i guess it would be nice to hear from you also ;)
  • Hello to my co-BITO fans. Just a little over twenty-four hours and I'll be seeing her again. Yahoo. I'm so excited. Seriously though guys, if you can make it tomorrow, please please do come. There are three of us na who are going - Scusimoi, hat_tr1ck, and myself.

    I have to agree that Bituin sounds like the "real" Joanne in the orginal recording. A little bird told me that when she sings, she tries to copy the voice or singing style of the original artist just to give them due respect. Unlike other artists who interpret songs using their own style. Bituin does this quite well and she does justice to the songs.

    On Lana Jalosjos naman, she is one GOOD singer. Napapabow din ako sa singing prowess niya. I must say I love their version of "Take Me or Leave Me". If only I can get my hands on a copy of that recording. Hmmm, apparently some people recorded the RENT Manila version on MD format.

    I was talking with a friend who got to see the RENT show in New York and the one that just ended here. She said it was WAY better here because of the singing quality. Galing talaga ng pinoy :D

    Scusimoi - You miss me, ang sweet mo naman. Shaks, makakadiabetes na ako sayo niyan eh :D I miss you too. Tomorrow, I will see you though. I hope ma identify kita. Siguro hahanapin yung taong lumalaki ang mata pag kumakanta si Bito. I'm sure hindi kita ma-mi-miss. Joke. Kiss :D
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sure scusimoi!!! feel free to send it to me anytime. tell me how and when youre going to send it and were good to go.

    hey another bituin fan whose a friend of mine said na bituin had a song from metropop na sobra raw ganda. kainis kasi di ko napanood yon kasi sa channel seven yata pinalabas. anyone here know the title???

  • Originally posted by crybabymaki
    hey another bituin fan whose a friend of mine said na bituin had a song from metropop na sobra raw ganda. kainis kasi di ko napanood yon kasi sa channel seven yata pinalabas. anyone here know the title???

    I think the title's "Paano Na". It won second place, losing to Rachel Alejandro's interpretation of another song.

    Galing, 'no, both "RENT" Manila's Mimi and Joanne won back-to-back. :D

    And honestly, I think she should've won first place. :D
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    really??? ang balita kasi sa aken the martin nievera-louie ocampo song raw ang nanalo :shrug:

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