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    MsJoelle wrote: »
    ayan .. naka-5000 posts na .. post na kayo JJH pics para pa-close na tong thread :lol:
    ang lupet ,o talaga unnie... :rotflmao:

    lipat house na tayo!
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    am back from the deep slumber ( of not watching koreanovelas for a very long time ) .. for this year, I tried watching Spring waltz ( instantly got hook after 3 episodes, either way , I owe it to the director to finish all the season series.have been really waiting for the spring saga for a very long time yet i only find time to watch it now .. real reason: the dvd has been passed from 1 person to another, yet it was only now it has been returned to me ) reactions watching the first 7 episodes : hmm.. missed the kontrabida package in all kdramas, and definitely the love triangles. I miss how the story evolves ( most kdramas i know have the same plot = stairway and ..hmm..beautiful days ) and missed the melodramatic history between characters ( like Autumn story ) .. well .. there's nothing much to say yet till i finish some 13 episodes more.. next on the list: Coffee Prince..
    err..what other recommended kdramas are out there? kmovies?
    where to download torrents besides clubbox and d-addicts? how about for kmovies?
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