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Any Detoxificaton Tips guys?

Like the Cayenne, Maple Syrup and Lemon Cleanse (AKA the Lemonade Diet)? i wanna try this but the cayenne part scares the hell out of me

Theres also this detox foot patch, but im also hesitant on using this.

as for my detox routine, I drink 2 glasses of water with a tablespoon of Psyllium Fiber everyday, 1st thing in the morning with an empty stomach and before i sleep.


  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior Moderator PEx Moderator
    ^They actually don't work. Sorry.

    It's best to ask a physician. I'm not a physician.

    If you want to keep your body clean, take good care of your liver and your kidneys.

    No, circulan, liveraide and all those "wonderpills" will not help you.

    These will:

    1. Reduce your intake of fatty foods,
    2. Reduce or eliminate your intake of alcoholic drinks,
    3. Reducing your intake of sodium (salty foods, patis)
    4. Eating fruits and vegetables,
    5. Not smoking
    6. Drinking lots of water
    7. Exercise (which is good for the body in general, there is no exercise that can target the liver only or the kidneys only)
    8. When in doubt, visit your doctor.
  • ^i dont believe in taking those pills as well :D

    btw, i aint ill or whatsoever :D i just want to hear things you guys do /practice to detox your body, or what other people call holistic cleansing.

    some people suggest enema, that freaks me out.

    and oh another thing, i also avoid preserved foods, no instant noodles, no canned goods, everything must be fresh and organic :D
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior Moderator PEx Moderator
    ^Spam ain't cool. You will be eventually banned.
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