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Pelikuletran 07 Na!!!!


Mark your calendars...


*shameless plug*

.....ilagay ng all caps, gamit ang red na tinta na ang papanoorin niyo ay ang *pusa* Gatas ng Pusa, Katas ng Kalikasan! *pusa*

syempre, suportahan niyo din ang iba pang mga pelikula!:)

masaya to mga tol! sana mag-enjoy kayo!



  • I heard it's touted to be the best pelikuletran ever... with all 6 films shot in 3CCD broadcast quality video! Kakaiba rin daw ang mga stories... let's see...
  • hmm makilatis nga. kelan ba ito?
  • feb 26 to march 1 daw ang regular screening....

  • theanswer..

    parang narinig ko na yan ah...hmmm..?!!?

    hahaha! oo masaya to kasi iba-ibang klase ng pelikula ang mapapanood nyo..magaganda lahat..(syempre kasama na dun ang Gatas ng Pusa! hindi ako nagpuplug!...marami ding excited sa Panakoba, at Elliptical Road!)

    ...nood kayo kase wala na kameng pera pambili ng toga! hehehe!

    miyaw! miyaw! miyaw! :kittycat:
  • Here are the six entries for this year's PELIKULETRAN:

    Written and directed by Arminda Linaja
    Starring John Cundangan, Therese Carlos, Robert Diamson and Emmanuel Geslani

    A seminarian takes on a journey of temptation and sin as he is about to take his vow. It's a test of faith between the divine and the carnal, the righteous and the unjust, wherein he must summon his strength to choose which life to lead.

    Written and directed by Mike Canlas
    Starring Fernando Magaling with a special participation of Cesar Montano

    Ramwen specializes in terrorizing kids, and is known to be the best in the business. Everything goes well until an Indian urban legend brings him back to his own childhood fears, that will serve as his toughest challenge yet.

    Written and directed by Madelyn Santos
    Starring PJ Lanot, Sandy Francisco, Bernard Catindig, Mark Padilla and Brian Javier

    Kiko is a young urban professional working at a small accounting firm. He fancies Chloe, her boss' secretary but his reputation as the office loser does not warrant a second look from her. What must he do to gain respect and get the girl of her dreams?

    Written by Sheng Constantino
    Directed by Dwein Baltazar
    Starring Giselle Sanchez, Mark Christian Dumdum, Jonas Camposagrado, Ephraim Lance Robles, Maria Katrina Oledan and Clee Nette Caddi

    Three kids - Shapiro, Bulang and Marina get a first taste of stardom when they were casted for a new cat milk commercial. During the shoot, they get to see Eba Bituin in the flesh, the beautiful and glamorous actress they all admire and start making up assumptions on how a star should behave to achieve god-like status.

    Written and directed by Ace York Mercado
    Starring Perry Esca?o\, choy Roldan, Janelle Dagaas, Rico Del Rosario, Sheila Hollon, Andrea Gregorio, Ces Aldaba and Bernard Fu

    Joaquin Cervantes, a successful businessman lives a comfortable life with his loving wife and son. Everything seems to be perfect but he feels something is missing. At night, he would get strange dreams of his past, leading him to a startling realization.

    Written and directed by Marvin Delgado

    Roger, an overseas worker for ten years is forced to return home and drive his father's taxi after the latter suffered a stroke. At the wheel, he gets re-oriented to the country he once knew and learns how time has indeed changed.
  • miyaw!:meow:
  • Great entries. *okay*
  • sa mga nakanood na..anong favorite niyo out of the five entries!?

    supposedly dapat six sya, kaso di umabot yung isang film.

    anyways..any insights?! suggestions..comments..violent reactions?!
  • jhaziejhazie PEx Rookie ⭐
    Please support elliptical road and metro.. Both writers/directors of these films are my friends. Sana makanood din ako..
  • nood ka..hanggang thursday pa naman ang showing eh..

    see you!:)
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