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Heart Evangelista's HIRAM NA MUKHA

Hiram na mukha ang naka line-up sineserye ni Heart sa ABS...


  • racer00racer00 Member PExer
    ^ pano mo nalaman??

    sinong makakasama nya dito??
  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭
    Heart: I was a Jessica Simpson in the making

    By Bayani San Diego Jr.
    Last updated 01:01am (Mla time) 02/14/2007

    SAYS HEART EVANGELISTA of the different projects lined up for her by ABS-CBN: “It’s a Christmas-birthday-Valentine gift rolled into one.”

    That’s probably because she is celebrating her birthday today.

    Accompanied by her Genesis managers Angeli Pangilinan and Gina Martinez, she met with ABS-CBN executives Cory Vidanes and Malou Santos last week.

    Genesis told Inquirer Entertainment that Heart is working on a sineserye (a soap opera based on a movie) this month and a variety show in April, and movies with Star Cinema.

    Alma mater

    According to the grapevine, she is headlining a remake of the 1992 Viva movie “Hiram na Mukha,” which starred Nanette Medved as a deformed woman who became beautiful with the help of an insane plastic surgeon.

    “It’s challenging, heavy drama,” she says.

    It’s a comeback of sorts for Heart, who’s been shrugging off rumors that she’s leaving the Kapamilya for the Kapuso network. (Actually, she hosted ABC 5’s “I Love Philippine Idol” while she was away from ABS-CBN.)

    “I’m happy to be back home. This was my school, my alma mater. This was where I grew up. If I had a choice, I’d rather stay,” she says.

    She admits that the “break” did her a world of good. “I’ve realized a lot of things. Everything was happening at the same time,” she recounts, referring to the slew of intrigues that she had to overcome.

    “I didn’t appreciate my blessings. While I was away, I had the chance to reflect. I’ve become less ‘show biz.’ I’m more grounded now. I’ve aged 10 years in that two-year span,” she explains.

    Very sheltered

    She admits that she was a “20-year-old with the mind of a 16-year-old” then.

    “I was a Jessica Simpson in the making,” she notes. “I didn’t know how to cross the street. I thought you pay your Meralco bill at the Meralco Theater! I was very sheltered.”

    In the “growing-up” department, boyfriend Jericho Rosales was a big help.

    “He’s a good influence on me; he’s very independent,” Heart says of Echo.

    She also shares with Echo a love for music.

    Speaking of “independent” projects, Heart is producing her own CD, which will be released locally and in Australia. “My single ‘Tell Me’ reached no. 18 in Australia’s Top 50 charts,” she says.

    Along with Maria Isabel Lopez, Jao Mapa and John Arcilla, she topbills the indie film “Ay Ayeng,” directed by Ed Palmos. “It will be screened in Hawaii and Berlin.”

    She plays Ayeng, an Ifugao school teacher struggling against militarization during the Marcos era.

    dun nalang po tayo mgpost sa SINESERYE THREAD...
  • STAR PATROLSTAR PATROL kaChika☺☺&#9786 PExer
    .. si Anne ang gusto ko.. but okei na rin si Hearty koh! miss ko na xa :love:
  • C-PIEC-PIE Member PExer
    wow, sana nga ....magaling si Heart bagay sa kanya lahat .. more power to you and more projects to come..
  • LEE23LEE23 Member PExer
    Mas bagay si Anne Curtis dito. Magkasinglaki kasi sila ng bibig ni Nanette Medved eh. :lol:
  • racer00racer00 Member PExer
    sana kasama si john prats dito..
  • Potter_Forever!Potter_Forever! [insert witty title here] PExer
    LEE23 wrote: »
    Mas bagay si Anne Curtis dito. Magkasinglaki kasi sila ng bibig ni Nanette Medved eh. :lol:

    sama naman :) hehe

    mas gusto ko si Anne dito because nag-improve talaga siya sa acting pero okay na rin sa heart :)

    sinong kaloveteam ni heart dito:?:

  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    Heart starts taping for Hiram Na Mukha this March 5.

    Kasama po nya dito si TJ Trinidad at Geoff Eigenmann.
  • mystique143mystique143 KISMET/F2/DMM/ASHRALD/ PExer
    woohoo heart and geoff team up again..yay!
  • madam.henriettamadam.henrietta Banned by Admin PExer
    LEE23 wrote: »
    Mas bagay si Anne Curtis dito. Magkasinglaki kasi sila ng bibig ni Nanette Medved eh. :lol:


    as far as i know, kay anne curtiz ito originally at mas bagay talaga sa kanya. anne is very versatile. pedeng martir at pedeng maldita.

    sana si anne ang maging carina!!!!! :lol:
  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    Heart posted sa Heartworld thread na her taping is moved to Thursday :) So excited for this.

    Sa mga pinagpipilitan pa rin si Anne sa role, please gumawa na lang kayo ng sarili nyong thread.. malinaw naman sa title nakalagay na Heart Evangelista's Hiram Na Mukha :) Ayaw ko na makipagaway pa sa Anne fans and wala ring magandang pupuntahan kaya let us respect these actresses for who they are and what they can do. Marami pang darating na sineserye at iba ibang projects jan, no need para mag-agawan pa.

    I'm excited for this project kasi this is something new for Heart. If Anne takes on this project, it will somehow just be similar to Anne's roles in Hiram and MSKM, yung parang bida-kontrabida rin. This is the first time na Heart will be playing a more agressive character kaya I'm looking forward to see how she tackles that :) Go Heart! :love:
  • CanCan Member PExer
    Ako rin. I'm always looking forward to seeing a different Heart Evangelista on both the big and small screens.

    Kaya ba ni Heart gampanan ang ganitong klaseng role na malayung-malayo sa role niya as Margaret in Hiram? Well, we've had a preview of how well she can immerse herself into a character. In fact, she did it twice: when she did the Camia role in Panday. (Ah, Camia is still one of my favorite TV characters.) And when she played Emily in "Painting" (Maalaala Mo Kaya).

    Congrats for getting this part, Hearty! Break a leg. :)

    Thank you, ABS-CBN, for giving her another break. And for believing she can give justice to this role.
  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    Can! :wave: Hehe! Love ko rin si Camia :love: Panday as a whole, medyo bleh ako... asar pa rin ako sa writers ng show na yun. All that effort and time and hard work from everyone in the cast and crew going into such a poor, poor storyline. Pero si Camia, Camia I love love love :lol:

    Anyway medyo OT ata yun :lol: Start na taping sa Thurs! *okay* Punta raw si txtmate eh, baka kasama na rin si Ate Racquel :)
  • CanCan Member PExer

    Naku, basta si Camia, hyper tayong lahat. :lol: Unforgettable character kasi yun e.

    Yeah, nag-BP ako. Thanks sa updates. :D Yippee, may BTS na naman tayo! Love ko talaga ang textmate mo na yan.

    Halatang di ako masyadong excited. Kasi I just added a journal type of post sa site natin. Para updated din tayo dun.
  • EstyrEstyr ~~Baliw 2 1/2~~ PExer
    weeeeeeeeeehh hearty!!

    excited ako para sa HNM na to..sigurado ako gagalingan ni love dito..heheheh

    dba love?:rotfl:
  • micfercabmicfercab Member PExer
    Yey, thanks sa mga info ^^^

    Finally a Title Role for Ms. Heart! long overdue and much deserve.
    Thanks to ABS CBN!

    Can't wait! :)
  • CanCan Member PExer
    I wonder who the directors and scriptwriters are...

    Sana si Jeffrey Jeturian ang mag-handle sa HNM. I love what he did with Heart and Echo's "Singsing" (Maalaala Mo Kaya).

    So kung six weeks lang ang PNP, according to one of its directors, that means it will run from March 5 to April 9. At kung, God willing, ang isusunod nila ay ang HNM, then ito ang aabangan natin sa April 16. :bounce:
  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    Can sana nga sa April na ito kasabay ng naka-plan na variety show ni bebe. Anyway, namove pala ulet ang taping to next week so pictorial daw muna pagkakaabalahan ni bebe today :) Di ko lang sure kung pictorial to for HNM or for another mag spread. Anyway, abangan! :lol:
  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    kyupayb wrote: »



    Heart Evangelista as Carissa/Alicia
    TJ Trinidad as Dr. Hugo
    Geoff Eigenmann as Mendez

    Originally Starring:
    Nanetted Medved as Carissa/Alicia
    Christopher de Leon as Dr. Hugo
    Cesar Montano as Mendez

    Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Hugo worships the ground his fianc?e Alicia walks on. That is because he feels Alicia is his creation. From a monstrous carnivals freak attraction he has transformed her into a beautiful and glamorous woman. But Alicia learns that beauty is not everything. She finds it hard to discern if people like her for herself or for being a beautiful and rich woman. She yearns to be her former self, Carissa. As the ugly Carissa, she was sure that people who liked her really liked her. People like her former neighbor and lover, Mendez. So when it turns out that Mendez is Dr. Hugo's grandson, the former lovers take up where they let off and plan a scam to get Dr. Hugo's money. Alicia will wed Dr. Hugo and get him to transfer his properties in her name. Mendez will then kill his grandfather and the lovers will live happily ever after. That is, if the good doctor does not have a plan of his own. In fact, it might even be a plan as diabolical as their own.

    From Sineserye Presents thread. Hopefully we'll learn more pa about the show.. kung anong revisions yung ginawa sa story and sa characters.

    Can't wait to see Alicia/Carissa! :D Ganun din kaya names nila? :hmm: Basta, can't wait to see my forever number one crush sa tv ulet araw araw :lol:
  • mhjl_10mhjl_10 Member PExer
    Pampaganda muna ng page...


    Heart :stolenkiss: Pano ka kaya nila papapangitin? Parang imposible ata :D

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