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survey for questions about love, sex and intimacy

hi fellow pexers. i am kuya ems from voice of the youth network. in our radio program on sunday, we will be having 2 experts to discuss about love, sex and intimacy especially for young people.

maybe u can help us out by giving some questions about love, sex and intimacy that you've always wanted to ask from a professional's point of view.

please post your questions. it will be a huge help. i'll get back with the answers after the radio program next week.

thank you!

voice of the youth sa radio
sunday 10 am Manila time


  • ... is finding the so-called right partner directly proportional to falling in love?

    ... what's a love-hate relationship? why do others survive in this relationship?

    ... is sex a prerequisite to strengthen love in a boy-girl relationship?

    ... hay naku... nagla-love-ba ako sa love-babo, noh!

    aihihihi!!! :)


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