F*uck. I know someone who has it. Kawawa naman. 2nd one night stand in his whole life and it seems he has it. He told me that he's afraid he has it, but he says it seems that the symptoms appeared only 2 weeks after he did it. And now it's been 2 weeks since he suspected the symptoms...

He was in such a denial stage, and apparently, no discharge came out in the first two weeks. He just said that it's like he felt that when he pisses, it seems that he just recently e*jaculated and that there's some semen stuck. The books he's been looking at say that the pus is supposed to be greenish-yellow... But he says, what comes out when he squeezes his thing is like semen. Very little, in fact. Almost nil. But the feeling that there's something in his you-know-what is still there.

In all the books we looked at, they all say that only a physician can cure it. No home cure, apparently. But it does say that pennicilin and other antibiotics are needed. What can he do? Can he order those antibiotics off the shelf, or does he really need to visit a doctor and submit himself to the humiliation of going to one and saying, "yeah, I did it and got it..."

Poor guy. He's only 20, and he doesn't want to get sterile or whatever. But the books all say that he's not going to get cured AT ALL, unless he visits a doctor. Doc Ira, can't he just buy some antibiotics or something? Also, what kinds of treatment do STD doctors do in cases of Gonorrhea? Do they inject his thing with something? Or is it a topical application of a special ointment or something? Or does he have to just take special pills? How the ***** does this thing work?

And the books he's read all say, "visit a physician ASAP." And it seems a month has already passed since he DID IT with that chick from Padi's. He's bugging me everyday about what the ***** he's gotta do. I tell him, "hey, go visit the doctor!" But he's scared and stuff. Plus, he doesn't know which doctors to go to.

Maybe you could answer:

1. What antibiotics would be prescribed?
2. In what manner should he take them?
______a. topical/external
______b. by injection (ouch!!)
______c. taking special antibiotic pills

3. Where can he find clinics like that?

Kaya guys and gals, WagNanGKaKanToT!!!

No to pre-marital sex. No to casual sex.

Gonorrhea is the most common and most contagious STD yata. And it's incurable unless you treat it. It doesn't self-cure...

Tama ba, Doc?


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Tell him to visit a doctor. It's not possible to help him in this forum. He will be prescribed antibiotics, but there is a need to have a smear of his penile discharge done prior to that, to see what kind of sexually transmitted disease he has, and whether the bacteria he carries is sensitive or resistant to a particular type of antibiotic. It's useless prescribing him antibiotics that may or may not work, because there is already a lot of antibiotic-resistant bacteria out there, so the doctor needs to find out what medications will and won't work.

    In some cases, the antibiotic may have to be given intramuscularly on his arm (not on his penis!), and in some, a simple regimen of oral antibiotics is enough. As with most types of moderate to severe infections, it won't be cured unless you take the proper medications for it. Tell your friend not to be embarrassed about seeing a physician. Doctors are so used to seeing these kinds of problem day in and day out that it's not a big deal anymore. The best doctor to go to is an Infectious Diseases specialist--they look at these kinds of cases almost daily--but you can also bring your friend to any internist you feel comfortable with. There's several of these kinds of doctors in all hospitals.
  • Man-yuck-kissMan-yuck-kiss Member PExer
    The question now is, this guy checked out some websites last night and found out some antibiotic cures for it. He said he will try buying them from the drugstores and will try taking them on his own. Are there any side effects if he does that? I mean, I'm telling the guy to see a doctor, but he seems to not want to do that yet. Will the effects of taking these antibiotics be as benign as having no effect if he takes the wrong one, or will there be some harmful ones?
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    It may be the wrong antibiotic or he may be improperly dosed,in which case, he may make the bacteria antibiotic-resistant, making it much harder (and much more expensive!) to cure. The infection he has may not even be gonorrhea-- there are different kinds of STDs producing purulent discharge, and gonorrhea typically isn't greenish-yellow.
  • DokmanDokman Member PExer
    I agree with Ira. Inappropriate use of antibiotic will only lead to resistance producing an infection much harder to treat and may even lead to complications to other body organs.
  • Man-yuck-kissMan-yuck-kiss Member PExer
    The culprit was found to be CHLAMYDIA! Kawawang bata... Buti na lang curable sha. Pero HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS pala yon. And it's more common than you think! Girls, those of you who aren't virgins anymore, you don't know it, but you might already have it! Guys, those of you who f*ack around, you might have it too!

    Dapat dito, the "Return to Innocence"

    Mga bata diyan, WaGnaNgKaKanToT!!!

    He, or she, who learns the hard way, LEARNS...
  • annann kabute PExer
    & i thought chlamydia is a girls-only std ...

    tell ur friend ... that condoms sell for less than it costs to buy a week's supply of antibiotics ... & it takes less than 3 mins to learn how to put it on properly ... remember: if u can't be good, be careful ... baka next time, hindi lang 'yan ang makuha niya ...
  • podracerpodracer Registered User PExer
    dudes,jst wanna know facts bout "tulo".nkakahawa ba to?educate me!
  • podracerpodracer Registered User PExer
    dudes,educate me about dis.
  • NapcathNapcath Hi and good-by PExer
    sus, just do a search on yahoo!, dude! use any of the following: "std", "gonorrhea", and other std and medicine related terms. you'll get pictures pa. or you can also go to medical sites, ang dami dyan!
  • podracerpodracer Registered User PExer
    tnx man!
  • CaliMakiCaliMaki resident lufthead PExer
    according to doc ira, yes it is.

    take it from doc ira - who's had it. i mean "who's handled it."
  • CaliMakiCaliMaki resident lufthead PExer
    see the thread:

  • jaypogijaypogi hmm... pogi ba talaga? PExer
    add info..

    wear condom... while doing it...:wink:
  • podracerpodracer Registered User PExer
    tnx man!!!and also to doc Ira!!!
  • oni9oni9 Member PExer
    am just concerned
    will condoms really prevent gonorrhea or any std for that matter?
    is it a 100% deterrent or not. is there still a risk considering the condom was used properly?

  • vp18vp18 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I think doc ira mentioned that condoms are only 75 to 80 % effective in preventing STD and pregnancy

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