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America's Next Top Model Cycle 8

starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
Released na ang profile ng contestants for ANTM Cycle 8. Kilatisin natin isa-isa...

Whitney, Student; age 21 of West Palm Beach, Fla.

Sarah, Photographer; age 20 of Lake Zurich, Ill

Samantha, Sales Associate; age 19 of Pinson, Ala.

Renee, Stay-At-Home Mom; age 20 of Maui, Hawaii

Natasha, Student; age 21 of Dallas


  • starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
    Kathleen, Hairstylist; age 20 of Brooklyn, N.Y

    Jaslene, Online College Admissions Advisor; age 20 of Chicago

    Jael , Band Manager; age 22 of Seattle

    Felicia, Sales Associate; age 19 of Houston

    Dionne, Student; age 20 of Montgomery, Ala.
  • starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
    Diana, Student; age 21 of Garfield, N.J.

    Cassandra, Student; age 24 of Seattle

    Brittany, Bartender; age 21 of Savannah, GA
  • MutatedMutated PEx Rookie ⭐
    Early bets:
    Cassandra. She has very long legs!
    Why does everyone like Jaslene! She came back from last cycle right?
  • randy ortonrandy orton PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Recycled from the previous cycle? :lol:
  • starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
    this batch has 2 plus-sized contestants.
  • ambertookmeambertookme 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    ^ about time...i was thinking lugi ang nagiisang plus sized model competing with waifs.
  • brittany - a popular look
    samantha - very high fashion
    renee - the most serviceable look of a model

    depends on what top model is looking for this season.
  • is this cycle airing yet? how come they released the finalists so early?

    i remember jaslene. she was the one whom ms jay thought had a drag queen personality.. she must be interesting.

    sarah looks like brooke of last season.
  • MutatedMutated PEx Rookie ⭐
    Jael looks like a hooker. And Diana looks like Kyle only 50lbs heavier. Ganda ng mga photos ni Sarah even before antm.
  • going for samantha...
  • starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
    Nag-premiere na pala ito ngayon sa US


  • I enjoyed the premiere.. as usual.. naparami tuloy kain ko ng ice cream.. :glee:

    anywho, wala akong instant fave this season.. na unang kita ko pa lang eh "I like her!!!" na agad like last season--CariDee and AJ! :love:

    pero eventually, nagustuhan ko si Sarah.. oks rin si Samantha.. so far ung two munang un..

    di ko masyadong gusto sila Natasha and Renee.. :bop:

    ung first photoshoot nila.. parang wala naman talagang nag-stand out unlike last cycle.. ang nagustuhan ko lang sa photoshoot nila eh si Kathleen, not because she did well pero dahil she's funny..

    I can't remember her exact words but she was like "So should I be like, I hate fur? I hate fur." :lol: the way she said it was funny..

    and her opinion of "I think it's okay to get fur if the animal is already dead" (rephrase) :lol:

    she was funneee.. and she was all cool and inadmit na talagang di niya nagets yung pinagawa sa kaniya.. and she's not slow daw.. :glee:

    School life ang theme next photoshoot! :bounce:
  • My favs are

    Samantha : She got the look, the body and the style.

    Renee: Nice face but a little chubby on her legs.

    Felicia: She's my bet for black girls.
  • Jaslene? AGAIN?!!!
  • jaslene came from what cyle?

    i like samantha --- very looooooong legs!! very nice...

    jael reminds me of jada from cycle 6, only worst! hehe!

    meron na kaya sa youtube? :naughty:
  • Jaslene is insane! She looks like she could go batsh1t-crazy on you any minute :glee:

    My faves so far: Diana and Samantha.

    my "boo you wh0re!" award goes to: Renee (go home!!!!)
  • :wave: hellooo fellow ANTMers.. :D
  • jaslene was a semifinalist from last cycle...sorry but she looks like a latina hooker... :D
  • I like brittany, samantha, felicia and renee.

    i want jael or jaslene to go home next:bop:
  • jaslene was a semifinalist from last cycle...sorry but she looks like a latina hooker... :D

    actually, anyone from the group can look like a hooker. sorry pero jaslene had the best photo. nothing earthshaking but relatively better than the others'. everyone else's pretty much stank.
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