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DANGER: LICAUCO OUT OF I C U vs. JAMES RANDI vis-a-vis 3 Mystic Dwarves

Jaime T. Licauco - RIDICULED, INSULTED and MADE A MOCKERY of the 3 Mystic Dwarves' Judge Floro's ANGELS LUIS ARMAND AND ANGEL's BOOK, on December 20-23, 2006


Mr. Licauco was rushed to the chinese general hospital INTENSIVE CARE UNIT on January 30, 2007, stayed there for about less than a week;
he is still in GREAT DANGER for on WEDNESDAY he will have to undergo ANGIOGRAM




As accurately PREDICTED in writing before hand on Jan. 8, 2007, Mr. Jaime T. Licauco, for the first time in his life and after having met worldwide great psychics, LOST the spiritual BATTLE because of LUIS, the mystic KING OF KINGS of elementals.

Judge Floro, (by way of self-defense of these 3 Angels who were ridiculed by the 75 pages Psychosis Decision), fought the battle in 3 INTERNET FORUMS - on - 01-08-2007, 9:07 PM



judge florentino floro says:


January 31st, 2007 at 5:11 pm



our philippines' first and foremost psychic writer mr jaime t. licauco lambasted my book "I DO NOT LIKE THAT BOOK" - he told Rex Bookstore on Dec. 20 2006, per Ms. Sonia Breezee Santiago, Robie Robles

i wrote the prophecy in 3 forums THAT LUIS WILL PUNISH HIM

now he is in I C U chinese gen. hospital here for 3 days til now
mysterious illness

will he live? - he is fighting for DEAR life

JAIME T. LICAUCO's phones:

PHONE him - 892- 6806


842-5623 house



01-08-2007, 9:07 PM


Judge Floro said and predicted:

i am judge floro, and i am here at malolos, bulacan,


i gave mr. jaime t. licauco my book that it pained me to create and write and publish

do you know what he did to it?

i gave it to rex bookstore for marketing,

the STUPID marketing director Robie Robles thereat asked mr. licauco to endorse it
without my go signal
and mr. licauco said that he needs to read 3 manuscripts before he would touch my book for review

but mrs sonia breezee santiago from rex bookstore
mr. Licauco RETURNED my book to her
and he said:

oh yes, as psychic i am gifted and i discover and uncover things accidentally but as destined

so these 3 dwarves angels of God are VERY ANGRY at Mr. Jaime T. Licauco, and they will punish him and his family to the full extent

this book that i wrote is for their own MEMORY

to clear what our foolish corrupt court said against them:

you know, LUIS ARMAND AND ANGEL are angels of God called duendes and dwendes since we were colonized by Spain in 1521

thanks for writing that column

i respect Mr. randi's opinion since it is part of religious belief

he is utterly correct that LICAUCO is not only a money raker
but Licauco COPY PASTES for money purposes

fooling so many people here and abroad

he is never a psychic, he pretends

and randi is genuine, only, i go against but respect his beliefs
and i respect yours,

judge floro:

Jan 31, 2007, 04:33 PM

I met breezie, sonia santiago and robie robles at Rex Publishing House, they brought my book to Mr. Jaime T. Licauco and the latter said:
I do not like that Book

and I said, LUIS will punish him

now, i dream that Jaime Licauco in in the I C U of a chinese hospital, is this true?

i will p m you the latest on the I C U of licauco
you can verify this
you can email randi of this development





James "The Amazing" Randi rips Jaime "The Gullible" Licauco a new one!

Inquirer published a rejoinder from noted skeptic James Randi, rebutting many of Jaime Licauco's earlier accusations.

"Magician belies claims in Licauco's column." What an understatement - Randi's as much a "magician" as Flavier is a "doctor": they've gone far beyond their original professions.

Anyway, here's the article that Licauco earlier wrote, which Randi debunks rather comprehensively.

And if anyone's interested, I wrote a long blog post commenting on the matter. I don't want to cut-and-paste the whole thing, but here are a few short points of my own:
- Licauco is a bullshıtter, in the philosophical sense of the word - as Harry Frankfurter wrote in his essay, "<the> does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose."

- One gets the feeling that no “burden of proof” exists in Licauco's worldview, just a “burden of belief” – it’s incumbent upon you to believe that fairies are real, that telekinesis exists, that ESP happens. No scientists, debunkers, or skeptics need apply. “Proof” is something on a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. “Truth” is… well, who needs the truth when bullshıt is far more convenient?

Judge Floro replies and writes the prophecy to micketoc:

Jan 15, 2007, 03:37 PM

licauco is a smart guy, good researcher and had his books well-marketed

in short, he made himself, as randi also made himself

licauco rakes money via royalties from books,
licauco principally bags money from the art of copy-pasting foreign articles of well-known psi authors

he hit it by radio tv publicity and catering to the rich who wanted to explore the inner mind via his sessions which cost about P 3-5,000 per day

he buys real estate and rents it

his wife is near deaf hard to hear and
of course
licauco is problematic with illnesses

randi, on the other hand has attracted many like-licauco audiences
since all wants fun
you go to the movies, but you are not satisfied
you crave for more
so you have to read books, discover magic illusions
and you would go so far as to envy those gifted
thus you with the human nature in us, would be propelled to the land of randi to the fantasy of licauco,
it is your choice

Judge Floro replies again:
Jan 18, 2007, 07:45 PM

he promotes his books and his institute by means of researching or rather copy pasting SPAMS from internet sites of famous or well-known psychics
tied up with rex and anvil
his machinery had gone wild to the extent of MAKE-believe


Magician belies claims in Licauco columns


Inquirer - Last updated 03:59am (Mla time) 12/12/2006

THIS is in reference to Jaime Licauco’s Oct. 24 article:

1. He claims that, as a magician, I was known as “The Great Randi.” I have never used that name, even when I was residing in the Philippines and performing on the nightclub circuit.

2. He says that this Foundation offers a million-dollar prize “to anyone who could prove that telekinesis was true.” We offer it -- and have done so for 10 years now -- for any evidence of a paranormal event or ability, not just “telekinesis.” Note though that Licauco claims he has paranormal abilities, but he has not applied for the prize, which he should be able to win easily.

3. Licauco: “When somebody comes up to prove telekinesis, Randi changes the rules. Randi always finds loopholes so that, in the end, he concludes nothing has been proven.” Again, he is absolutely wrong. No change of rules has ever taken place, and all applicants who have been tested have attested, in writing, that the conditions and parameters of the test were correct and acceptable. No “loopholes” can be invoked, because all parties agree to the conditions. Furthermore, as Licauco well knows -- but failed to tell his readers—no conclusion is arrived at by me; that decision is entirely in the hands of independent observers.

4. Licauco: “Randi hounded and harassed well-known Israeli psychic Uri Geller, saying he was nothing but a fake psychic … Geller finally fought back. He filed a harassment suit against Randi and won.” Two more lies. I have never said that Geller is or was a “fake psychic.” Geller never filed any harassment suit against me; in the one case he did file, he lost and had to pay $150,000 in sanctions.

5. Licauco: “The court ordered Randi not to come within a specified distance from Geller or he would be arrested. Randi was also asked to pay Geller a certain amount for all the mental torture and emotional trouble he caused.” What can I say? Both these statements are outright, knowing lies, and Licauco knows it.

6. Licauco: “[Randi] heads a small but noisy group called the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (PSICOP) and publishes the Skeptical Inquirer, the main purpose of which is to show that those who believe in such things are nuts!” Another lie. I have not been connected with CSICOP for more than a decade.

7. Licauco: “I only want to share with interested people and readers strange but true events that are normally and routinely ignored by established science and the academic community.” Untrue. Licauco has totally misrepresented the picture, and is lying to promote and shore up his view of reality.

8. “I told the students it was good to maintain a healthy skepticism, not to accept at face value everything a person told them, but to verify everything.” Faced with Licauco’s blatant and knowing misrepresentation of the truth, I would agree with him on this advice.

JAMES RANDI, 201 S.E. 12th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 (via e-mail)

Randi kicks Jaime’s hiney.

Ripped from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s letters pages: “Magician belies claims in Licauco’s columns.” When the magician happens to be James “The Amazing” Randi, wow, this sentence has got to be the understatement of the year.

Understatement? Randi’s only a magician, in the same sense that Juan Flavier’s only a doctor – they’ve both moved past their initial professions to serve a greater good, in Randi’s case, debunking ****.

No one’s riper for Randi’s attention than Jaime “the Gullible” Licauco – long overdue for a James Randi smackdown, he promptly receives his due when he publishes this column “Two Ways to be Fooled”. The piece is a lengthy attack on skeptics, simultaneously attacking the scientific skepticism practiced by Randi, and attempting to appropriate the credibility of the scientific method to reinforce notions like telekinesis and ESP.

Jaime Licauco, born on July 25, 1940 in San Juan, Metro Manila, is considered as the Philippines' foremost authority on inner mind development, creative and intuitive management, paranormal phenomena, and Philippine mysticism. However, he is not without his critics who view him as nothing more than a crackpot in the mold of Uri Geller.

He took his Primary and Secondary Education at San Beda College, Manila and took up AB Philosophy and Letters on the same institution where he graduated with Latin Honors (Suma ***** Laude)

1978 - Wrote his first book "Understanding the Psychic Power of Man."

1982 - Taught Parapsychology for one semester at the De La Salle University under the Behavioral Sciences Department.

1986 - Founded the Philippine Paranormal Research Society, Inc., a non-profit, non-stock corporation engaged in the systematic investigation and documention of paranormal phenomena. This society published the Philippine Psychic Journal and conducted regular forums on psychic phenomena. It also provided funds for studies in the field.

1988 - Established and became President of Silva Mind Control Philippines, Inc., which is engaged primarily in conducting the Silva Mind Method of Control Seminar in the Philippines. In May 1991, he resigned as President and lecturer of the Silva Method to devote time to other activities.

1988 - Formally left the corporate world and embarked on full time activities in the fields of parapsychology and education.

1988 - Established the Inner Mind Development Institute which conducts seminars on mind development, whole brain management, ESP, creative thinking and related subjects which are not covered by the Silva Method of Mind Control seminars. During this year, he conducted the ESP course in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1988 - Developed and conducted the first Creative and Intuitive Management module for graduate students taking up Master in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management.

1989 Founded the New Age Breakfast Club which met every Friday morning to discuss various topics of a metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual nature. It was a loose aggrupation of professionals interested in human development in all aspects: non- religious, non-sectarian and non-political. It was open to the public. The forum lasted for four years.

[edit] Teaching Experience
San Beda College Mendiola, Manila (1962 -65) - Philosophy and Sociology

Trinity College Magsaysay Blvd., Quezon City (1965-66) - Sociology and English

De La Salle University Taft Avenue, Manila (1982) - Parapsychology

Asian Institute of Management Makati City (1984-94) - Creative and Intuitive Management, MBM Program

De La Salle University College of Medicine, Dasmarinas, Cavite (1995-96) - Visiting Faculty Member, Holistic Medicine and Alternative Healing

Rosebrigde Graduate School of Integrative Psychology Concord, California USA (1995 to present) - Visiting Faculty Member

Parapsychology and Paranormal Healing Inner Mind Development Institute, Makati City (1988 to present) - Intuition and ESP, Inner Mind Development, Strees Control, the Psychology of Peak Performance

San Beda College Mendiola, Manila (2005-Present)- New Age philosophy and Parapsychology, Department of Philosophy and Human Resource Development

[edit] Books
He has written the following books on these subjects.

Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store Inc., 1978

The Truth Behind Faith Healing in the Philippines by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store Inc., 1980.

The Magicians of God: The Amazing Stories of Philippine Faith Healers by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store, Inc., 1980, 1999.

The Psychic World and You by Jaime T. Licauco, JMC Press Inc., 1982. (2nd edition: 1999)

Jun Labo: A Philippine Healing Phenomenon, by Jaime T. Licauco, 1985.

True Encounters with the Unknown: The Psychic, the Mystical and the Strange by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store Inc., 1986, 2000

Beyond Ordinary Reality: Exploring the Powers of your Inner Mind by Jaime T. Licauco, Solar Publishing Corporation, 1987.

Beyond Ordinary Reality volume 2 by Jaime T. Licauco, 1999

Exploring the Powers of your Inner Mind by Jaime T. Licauco, Inner Mind Institute, 1992.

Soul Mates, Karma and Reincarnation, by Jaime T. Licauco, Anvil Publishing, Inc., 1996.

More Encounters with the Unknown by Jaime T. Licauco, Anvil Publishing, Inc., 1997.

When the Impossible Happens: Confessions of a Reluctant Psychic 1999 by Jaime T. Licauco.

Intuition at Work: Pathways to Unlimited Possibilities, Featured writings by Jaime T. Licauco, New Leaders Press/Sterling & Stone, Inc., 1996.

He is also co-author of "Intuition at Work" a book published in San Francisco, California.

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