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freinds to lover OR lover to friends

ano mas gusto niyo mag start maging friends niyo muna yung girl/boy then to lovers


Lover muna bago friend, magpakilala or pinakilala kayo tapos , liligawan mo muna/liligawan ka niya then to friends ..

sabi ng iba kung friends to lovers daw nakakailang lalo na kung close mo or bestfriend mo yung girl/guy mas mahirap magtapat na may gusto ko dun sa opposite, pero kung lovers to friend naman baka puro secreto , pwede ka lokokin, kasi you don't know him/her that well

want to know your opinion.. :)


  • hehe.. you got ur thread title from Nelly Furtado's song. lol.

    Anyhow, for me, it depends how your relationship with each other went.. eh paano pag naging bitter ang break-up? Impossible na ata maging friends after being lovers. May iba naman, pag friends at first, ayaw maging lovers kasi what if hindi tumagal ang relationship? Edi friends no more na din after?

    Personally, i had a bestfriend tapos naging bf ko siya. Nung nag-break kami, we agreed to be still be friends. Pero not as much nung bestfriends pa kami...
  • friends to lovers are where most relationships start. Though sometimes it doesn't work cause some doesn't wanna go beyond that.. but most relationships start from being friends.

    lovers to friends rarely happens because the friendship is not genuine. there would be malice or they would not be comfortable being with the person.
  • gusto ko lover to spouse agad..ahaha
  • ^^ nice one

    ako i want friends to lovers, para may good start. at least pag friends muna no expectations whatsoever
  • soltera81soltera81 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Ideal ang friends to lovers. Maganda yung you'll get a chance to know each other well so that if you both decide to cross the line of friendship, you really love the person warts and all. :)

    However, if for some sudden circumstance, after working things out, your relationship could not be for keeps, it would be nice to still be friends. However, it may take time siguro. Sana lang, maayos naman ang break-up. :)
  • I think both is possible. It just depends on each "couple."

    Kaibigan ko, naging lovers muna for 2 years. They both went off to college the same time and both wanted to have more freedom. Within the 2 years they were together as bf/gf, they built a very strong friendship that lasted even after they mutually broke up with each other. To this day, they're still very good friends. No weirdness between them.

    In another case, 2 people were very good friends, pero not best friends. Both broke up with their significant others almost at the same time. Now they're taking their time (kasi no one wants to be a rebound di ba?), exploring the other side of their friendship. The side that they know each other so well that maybe they can be together as a couple.

    I think both friendships and relationships just need some very key factors. Honesty, communication, trust/loyalty, and mutual interest in each other.
  • friends to lovers.

    pano yong lovers to friends. di ko masyado ata feel yon :glee:
  • shempre friends to lovers. for me, it's better that way cuz you have the chance to get to know the person first withour jumping into a relationship. Pag friends kasi, u can see their good traits (and flaws?) more often compare to when your just starting to date. they tend to be more comfortable around friends.
    when it comes to lovers then friends, pwede rin siguro. it would depend on how the relationship ended. actually, meron akong mga ex na friend ko parin. i know people think that's impossible but i did it. i managed to separate my relationship with them as a friend and my relationship with them as a girlfriend.

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