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Emosyonal Din Nga Ba Ang Mga Lalaki?

ANO sa palagay nyo?

share ko lang itong article ni Bob Garon / Manila Times / Friday, Feb. 2/2007

By Bob Garon
Men are just as emotional as women

Fourth of five parts

“FROM the beginning of time,” writes Sam Keene, “women have been defined by their ability to surrender to the cycles of nature, birth and death and to submit to the dominion of another, usually a man. But men have more typically discovered the principle of their being in the exercise of power and their refusal to surrender . . . men have been warned that they must put away womanly things (such as sentiment), and learn how to accumulate and manipulate power if they are to be truly men.

“By definition, men are able to feel their manhood only when they have the ability to make things happen, only when they can exert control over events, over themselves, over women. Therefore they are condemned to be forever measuring themselves by something exterior to themselves, by the effect of their actions, by how much change they can implement, how much novelty they can introduce into the slowly evolving history of nature. I did it; I made it happen; I exist.”

The ways men look at themselves get in the way of intimacy. True love does not bully and seek the exercise of power over the beloved. It does not encourage emotional withdrawal and attempts to camouflage one’s weaknesses. It does not look with favor on trickery and false pretenses to hide one’s feelings.

Men are just as emotional as women. It’s just that they are better at concealing their feelings. They are expected to do so by society. Women are free to let go and be themselves. Men are called upon to put on a show of strength even when they are about to break down. They are expected to be courageous and brave in the face of every kind of adversity.

Both men and women fear, but their fears are not the same. “Men and women,” writes Keene, “seem to have different styles of fearing. Men’s fears focus around loss of what we experience as our independence, and women around the loss of significant relationships. We most fear engulfment, anything that threatens to rob us of our power and control. Traditionally, women have been expected to be more fearful than men. But experience and hearsay have convinced me that men are more fearful of death than women.

“When we get sick and our flesh no longer rises to the dictates of our will, we feel the reaper coming for us and we panic. Men make lousy patients. Ask any doctor. Disease and disability frighten us more than they do women who have known from first menstruation and childbirth that mortality is often accompanied by cramping and pain and that we are born in order to lose control. Sickness raises the specter of all that men have been taught to fear: weakness, dependency, passivity.”

When the emotional curtain that males use to hide behind suddenly parts during crisis, men are seen for what they are. And what they are is not at all what they make themselves out to be.

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  • 009460009460 Re-member-ed PExer
    siguro oo. tao rin naman kami..
  • sandara05sandara05 Member PExer
    emosyonal ang mga lalaki lalo pa at iiwan sila ng mga akin lang itong opinyon na ito...i mean layasan sila ng asawa nila...sigurado akong mag iinum sila palagi...
  • christian79christian79 Member PExer
    sandara05 wrote: »
    emosyonal ang mga lalaki lalo pa at iiwan sila ng mga akin lang itong opinyon na ito...i mean layasan sila ng asawa nila...sigurado akong mag iinum sila palagi...

    ay oo, tama ka dyan mareng sandara. may kilala ako, dating ka trabaho, super depressed sya noong iniwanan sya ng kanyang mister.

    i also believe that men are emotional. medyo hindi lang masyadong pinapakita.
  • JhAyMcJhAyMc Member PExer
  • Boo1607Boo1607 Wanker ✭✭✭
    Naman, napaka! Huhuhu!:mecry:

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