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Info on the history of CSB-SDA?

Hi Guys,

I can't find any information about the history of CSB-SDA, I need some help. I'm a CSB grad na kse and too busy to visit the school, so please...i need anything...

thanks! :)


  • Hi Cher. I just got this from an article. This might help. ;)

    " The School of Design and Arts (SDA) was established in 1995 and is one of the largest schools of the college with its nine degree program offerings and a student population of about 2,000.[10] It has approximately 145 faculty members per trimester and 90 percent are part-timers because they are also active industry practitioners at the same time.[10] The SDA seeks to develop the creative and business skills of students adept in the arts. Because of the increasing number of students, a new building was constructed to accommodate the growing student population. As of school year 2006-2007, the SDA has nine degree programs, with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Arts Management, Multimedia Arts, Music Production, Production Design, Technical Theater, and Fashion Design & Merchandising; Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Design and Interior Design; and a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree in Dance. In addition, there are three new degree programs are being applied for 2007, namely, Animation, Photography, and Digital Film Production.[10][12]

    Two of its programs are offered in consortium with other schools and organizations, the Interior Design program with the Philippine School of Interior Design and the Dance program with the Ballet Philippines-Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance School.[13]

    The Multimedia Arts and Technical Theater degrees are the first of their kind in the Philippines.[13][14] The Technical Theater program teaches the technical aspects of production in stage, film and television. It also provides in-depth coverage on the applications of various technical equipment used in set production, while the Multimedia Arts program incorporates various art forms with the latest in multimedia technology. Its areas of study include graphic design, photography, 2D and 3D animation, web design and development, and video production. It is also one of the three most popular SDA programs, along with Fashion Design and Merchandising and Industrial Design.[10] However, when the three new SDA programs are approved, the Multimedia Arts program will be focusing on interactive authoring and graphics.[12] "
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