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Hey guys can you help me and give me some advice about a girl...

Here's my story...There is this girl that I really liked in college(she already graduated and i'll be graduating on feb 3) so last night, I decided that I would finally tell her how I feel through text....I asked how she was and then I told here how I feel...Her reply, "Im fine"...then I texted her again and told her that the reason I texted her is because I wanted to tell her that I love her...and again her reply, "that's alright"....After that I just felt that Im nothing to her....I felt that she didn't even care when I told her that I love her....I don't know what to do anymore....I asked her friend and she told me that the girl that I like doesn't have a boy friend yet so the BF angle is out of the question...She had relationships before so the "Im not ready yet" angle is also out of the question.....I've been thinking the whole day if I should just throw away what I feel coz it seems like she doesn't care anyway...:depressed: :depressed: :depressed:


  • 2 options:

    1. you're right and she doesn't feel the same... or.

    2. she was so surprised that she didn't know what to reply except... "that's alright" :lol:
  • jensen83jensen83 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    your right... she doesn't care... so don't bother as well... but if you really liked her.. you can ask her if she can give you a chance or maybe start all over again if possible and have a better start :)
  • Couldn't you have tried a little harder at least to give her a call and talk with her for a bit instead of texting her? Why did you have to do it through text message?
  • "that's alright" the girl probably sensed that you like her...that's alright is one way of confirming your feeling to her...it's kindda like "ah ok" period. If you're really into her you could tell her that: Ahh so it's alright to court you? Or your impression to her is not that "malakas ang dating" that's alright means, you are just one of the boys... come to think of it.. It was better that it was "that's alright" rather than "I'm sorry"...Don't you think?
  • i think that she was a bit surprised at what you texted her...maybe a little bit TOO surprised for her to say anything other than "that's alright"

    keep your hopes up..try to call her, or better yet, surprise and see her (with matching flowers and what not of course)
  • i think that she was a bit surprised at what you texted her...maybe a little bit TOO surprised for her to say anything other than "that's alright"

    keep your hopes up..try to call her, or better yet, surprise and see her (with matching flowers and what not of course)
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Next Gen. Tennis Star
    I've been receiving advice from my american friends na wag ko na daw i text or tawagan ulit....sabi nila NEVER say to a girl I love you....I don't know if it's their culture that is different than ours o talagang tama lang sila
  • ^then try to be different ;) you will never know what she actually feels unless you asked her, malay mo
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    ang tawag sayo torpe!

    kung ako ang babae... busted ka sakin.

    why not express your feelings personally?
    kausapin mo sya sa harapan... hindi yung
    nagtatago sa text noh! turpi ka nga!!

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • Rocker09Rocker09 Next Gen. Tennis Star
    I admit to being "torpe"...I've been like that my whole life...to think that Im already 20.....Natagal na akong may gusto sababaeng to kaya lang I never had the courage and besides taken na sya dati...nung nalaman ko lang na wala na siyang BF, dun ko lang naisipang sabihin yung nararamdaman ko...
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    rocker... ipalagay nating torpe ka... hanggang dyan ka na laang?

    ipalagay natin may gusto sayo ang isang babae... idadaan mo laang
    sa text o ipagtabi sa iba? wlang kwenta kang manliligaw pag ganyan ka.

    mas ma-appreciate ka ng babae kung may confidence ka, na angyong sinasabi ay di laang nababasa sa text kundi nakikita rin sayong mga mata at body language. and the only way to show such impression is to confront her. kaya ba?

    well, one way to sell yourself is to initially play a role... be a good and buddy friend to her. this is safer and more easy on your side. it's through establishment of rapport that you can gauge if the girl you admire from the distance is also worth the girl you are going to meet personally, intiende?

    if you think you can approach her, then you can befriend her. kaya?

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • saying i love you through text?!?!?!?!

    konting effort naman dyan... ;)

    you can either talk to her through phone or personally... makikita ka pa nya na sincere ka... *okay*
  • NilsNils PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    lol... dude... sablay ka naman eh... bakit naman itinext mo lang?
  • You're likely to get substantive reactions if you told her that in person. Di mo makikita reaction nya thru text lang. you don't expect anyone to say "i love you" back just because you texted the same thing. and besides, YOU should have said something after the confession, like "can I court you?" or "can we get together sometime?" or something to that effect.

    If you're really into this girl, then pursue her, make a move.
  • Masyado kasing maaga para sabihin mo yon sa kanya. Di ka niya sineseryoso. Dapat unti-unti lang.
    You should have started by inviting her out. Pag tinanong ka niya kung bakit dun ma sabihin feelings mo...no not I love you. Sabihin mo you like her and want to get to know her better.
    That would be a good start.

  • Gaya ng sinabi nila dito sa thread, maybe she was just suprised nung sinabihan mo sya ng "i love you" thru text kaya "that's alright" lang ang nasabi nya... and another thing, maybe hindi sya naniniwala sa yo na u do have feelings for her kasi madali lang nga naman mag-iloveyou sa text.

    Try to research na din about her likes and dislikes para you'll know how to approach her at ng sa ganon e makilala mo pa sya ng husto.

  • baka nabigla lang siya..
    dont lose hope... give it time and pag wala pa rin eh un na un..
  • dude, me thinks that it didnt help that you made your feelings known through text . . . some people feel that text is too impersonal . . . but thats water under the bridge now and lets hope that you can still recover lost ground . . .

    ask her out man, since she already knows the real score with you theres no point hidding your true purpose . . . tell her that its a date and you want to spend some time with her - no matter what little time she can spare you . . . and you take it from there . . . pero when you ask her out, try to call her this time, alright ??? ;)

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  • Maybe for her yun na yung pinaka safest and nicest answer..parang less talk less mistake lang yan.. Why? are you expecting ba na sagutin ka din niya ng I Love You too??:confused: Sometimes kasi yung answer is nag de-depend sa question or statement..What if sayo sinabi yun? Ano issagot mo? :D
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