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Orange and Bronze

froshie1froshie1 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Hi, meron bang nakapag work sa Orange and Bronze? Kamusta ang working environment? Ok naman ba? Marami bang matututunan? Kapatid ko kasi magiging student intern dun.


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    No, I haven't trained there. But I am curious, what is this company's business?
  • froshie1froshie1 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ :-D Kuya Danny, it's a Software Development company - http://software.orangeandbronze.com/about/

    Owner is Calen Legaspi.

    So guys, meron na bang nakapag intern dito or kakilala or naririnig man lang.
  • i_am_herei_am_here PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hi froshie! I'm currently working at ABS-CBN, there are some employees of orange and bronze here. They are consultants of our IT dept.
  • patlv23patlv23 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Calen Legaspi is the president of the Pinoy Java Users Group (pinoyjug in yahoo groups) if I'm not mistaken. So there is most likely quite a bit of Java to learn there.
  • And you read the blogs of the O&B employees here-->http://planet.orangeandbronze.com/
  • So anyone of you guys working at O&B?
  • pagiepagie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Located at the fort. Top caliber programmers/professionals lang daw kinukuha dyan sabi ng instructor namin dati. He's working with O&B. Java programmers ang mga tao nila. Also, they offer java training but ive heared that it's more expensive that Sun's java training.
  • their office is in makati executive center in herrera. ceo is the founder of philjug...mostly technical and java gurus are employed there.
  • pagiepagie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    So more on dev yung office sa d' fort?
  • Given the choice to work for O&B or HP, which would you guys choose?
  • bakit parang mali mali ang info na given dito regarding O&B?
  • pagiepagie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    here's the link : http://www.orangeandbronze.com/

    Not indicated in the site that they have office in the fort, it was just a first hand info from our instructor then when I was with CPI (strategic partner of O&B). And according to him, they only hire experienced programmers. It's only him who was hired as fresh grad if I remember it well, I think because of his scholastic records.
  • They also hire fresh grads, even if you're from an IT or Non-IT course. IT people are for their software engineers while Non-IT are for their project management department. After submitting your resume/portfolio, they will schedule an exam for you (you skip this part if you're a seasoned programmer), then followed up by two interviews. They train fresh grads if they can see a potential in you.
  • Hey, sino ang maraming alam sa company na to? Eto na yung official thread niya..

    Ang alam ko, hardcore programming daw dito pero mababa ang turnover ng employees..

    More info please!:bashful:
  • pagiepagie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Cornsnack wrote: »
    Hey, sino ang maraming alam sa company na to? Eto na yung official thread niya..

    Ang alam ko, hardcore programming daw dito pero mababa ang turnover ng employees..

    More info please!:bashful:

    ka-tie up ito ng cpi so may ilang bagay akong alam tungkol dito. Sabi ng instructor namin na working dito, nasa the fort ang opis nila. Java ang programming language na ginagamit nila, at may mga training din sila, part of business. Pero ang training daw ay maw expensive kesa sa training sa sun according yan sa IT manager namin dati kaya sa sun sila nagpapa-train.

    Salary: Bigtime daw dito, sa IT ha, di ko alam sa ibang department.

    People in OB: Experienced programmer lang ang hina-hire nila. Ayon rin sa trainer namin, siya lang ang na-hire na fresh grad, siguro dahil sa scholastic record niya. Pwedeng nagbago na ang hiring ngayon considering na matindi ang scarcity sa jave programmers. Pwedeng nagte-train na rin sila ng freash grads.

    yung info is 1year old na. visit na lang kayo sa website nila for more info.

  • their office is located in aguirre near AIM and paseo, sa carlos j valdez bldg (CJV Bldg)

    any info kung san clients nila? asia pacific? north america?

    how about benefits?

  • Sir, nasa website po yung mga clients nila. Nakita ko dun eh, may ABS-CBN Payroll System na nakalagay. Baka yun yung page na yun. :)
  • hey guys!

    Ive got an upcoming exam as BA for this company? can you share any ideas and tips on the kind of exams they give? thanks!
  • my thesis mates and i had our OJT at OnB sometime last 2007. when we were there, konti palang ang OnB. i think they were only 28-35 all in all. nasa makati executive centre pa ang office nila noon and they only occupied two rooms. sometime early 2008, i went back to visit them and they were already occupying almost all of the rooms in the same floor where they were. ngayon, nasa CJV building na nga sila.

    people at OnB are nice and friendly. parang pamilya ang samahan nila doon. we had a great and stress-free time there. flexi time and you can come in casual. up to now nakakausap ko parin yung immediate supervisor namin dun. i'll tell her na sikat na pala sila at umaabot na sila dito sa PEx. hehehe.:D
  • We were trained by O&B in Java (Bootcamp) at around April 2006. I think at that time, there were only eight of them. The CEO frequently visited us to oversee the class and conduct code reviews. One of his philosophies is to "recruit only the people who wow you". We were able to meet a few of his new recruits (fresh graduates and drop-outs) back then and they were really really good. He used to call them "geniuses" and admits that they are better than him even though he has a SCEA (enterprise architect) certification. :))

    Back then, the starting salary was really high if you're one of those geniuses. You get a laptop and an internet connection. As for the other benefits, I have no idea. Tama si 104xxxxx, friendly and para silang pamilya.

    I have nothing but respect for this company. :D
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