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Chicago During Winter

Hi Guys! Suggestions please on places that are great to visit in Chicago during winter. Thanks in advance! :)


  • Winter in Chicago! Brrrrrr! I love theWindy City. Lived there for six years. You don't really want to walk around, do you? With the wind blowing, that cold is very punishing. For sightseeing, walk the grounds of the U of Chicago. Also walk around downtown just to appreciate the architecture of those marvelous Chicago buildings. Also the Northwestern U campus is really wintry beautiful especially if you walk by Lake Michigan. Take a drive all the length of Lakeshore and on north to Sheridan Road. Keep on driving thru Evanston, Winnetka until Forest Hills. It is a very pleasant drive, you'd appreciate the landscape that is the wintry chill of Illinois. I used to do that and found it peacefully invigorating. I'd even say inspiring. Also, a drive through Lakeshore Drive is splendid for you can really admire that magnificent Chicago Skyline. And for something touristy - the planetarium, the top views from Sears and John Hancock buildings. For the ultimate evening experience - fine dining in Chicago is the best in the US rivaling that of New York (I also lived in NYC for years) and sometime even out-rating the Big Apple. And the choices are limitless. For your nightcap, stop by Green Mill in North Chicago for a dose of excellent jazz fusion. And let your imagination go - Green Mill was the old haunt of Al Capone.
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