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Don't go to Eagle Point Resort at Anilao, Batangas!!!

I just want to share my recent trip to Eagle Point Resort at Anilao, Batangas.

If I need to rate my trip, I would give it a 4. Here’s why:
1. Cottages were dirty. Since I am allergic to dust, I can spot a dirty room instantly. I had itchy eyes, and my nose was stuffed!
2. Lousy service! And they even have the guts to charge 8% for the service. The resort & staffs obviously don’t know what service is all about. Waiters were chatting instead of being alert with the customers. We requested extra bed in the morning, and we had to make follow up in the evening. The receptionist was reading a newspaper while talking to us. The staffs in the dive shop were arrogant. It also took a long time and lots of follow ups to receive the booking confirmation from their manila office.
3. Too many hidden charges! Imagine, we were charged for a 6% when we rented our snorkeling gear. I asked them why and they said that it is their policy to add a 6% because the dive shop was only a concessionaire. I find their reason ridiculous and unacceptable.
4. We were charged for P5250 for the cottage room, and we don’t even have hot showers. It was also lacking in lighting.
5. Food was expensive. A P200+ for a burger, and take note, you are charged with 8%for the service, then 12% for the vat. It’s okay to pay that kind of amount if food is good. The mashed potatoes didn’t taste like potatoes (taste like instant potato mix). The spaghetti Bolognese was bland. The only thing that is not expensive is their coffee, and it is refillable.

I will never go back to this resort ever again.


  • prinsepeprinsepe PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    noted. talk about bad service. i hate it when resorts dont know how to treat their customers as it should be.
  • Yeah. I do hope you had a word with the manager regarding the crappy service you received. Especially the part about the room being dusty, not having warm showers, and faulty lighting. You should have asked that you immediately be transferred to another room, because of your health. Unfortunately, if you just sucked all of this in, ranting at PinoyExchange won't help significantly. It won't bring back a ruined vacation. (It will help deter other PExers from going to Eagle Point, I guess.)

    Oh, and regarding your comment on their restaurant: Unfortunately, asking you for 8 and 12 percent for SC and VAT can't be determined nor contested judging by the quality of food that was given to you. If it's the restaurant's policy, then you have to pay. (Especially the 12% VAT.)
  • thanks for the heads up...
  • panget sa Eagle point tlaga, sana sa dive and trek n lng kayo or sa Aquaventure. . . ok ang service at mga crew sobrang bait and attentive. ;)
  • honestly wala pa akong nagustuhang beach at beach resort sa batangas. mas maganda at mas affordable ang mga nasa visayas at mindanao.:)
  • but what about the pool and sepok beach? are they good? we've already reserved our rooms kasi. we're not really particular with the service or the price. we just want a nice pool, beach, and atmoshpere in general.
  • fnhfnh PExer
    we just got back from eagle point and i have to say we were satisfied.

    after we made our reservations, we asked the coverage of our package, and what other services require additional payments. there were no 'hidden' charges at all.

    the staff was accommodating and courteous. sure they may not offer the best services out there but it was far from lousy at all. they always offered us to carry our bags and luggages. i agree that they are not always alert, or that they do not always keep on checking if you need something. but we like it that way. if we need something, we can just call their attention. we actually do not like to be persistently bugged by staff asking if you want anything.

    we rented life vests from the dive shop because we wanted to swim with the baby sharks. we used it for only around 15 minutes and they eventually did not charge us. they also let us kayak for 10 minutes for free as well.

    the room where we stayed was spacious, had a veranda, and offered spectacular view. it was nice and clean. the bathroom was very spacious as well. and we had hot water.

    regarding the food, we actually thought it was not expensive at all. our package included 3 meals. food was overflowing and we always had leftovers each meal. again, they may not offer mind-blowing food but the food was not bad. not at all.
  • mejo pricey cia tas nde naman kagandahan...

    masyadong mahal ung accomodations but nothing spectacular
    ang sinigang ang mahal..nung nagpunta kme 55 pa ang us dollar..$10 per order so pumapatak 550 sa 5 hiwa ng meat. mapipilitan kang ubusin kse parang may ginto ung isang hiwa...i understand kse asa gilid ka ng bundok and wala ka ibang pede kainan so no choice ka....spent roughly 6k for a 3d/2n trip

    ..not ranting about eaglepoint.. recommended pa ren ciempre for the reason na I may find it not so good but another may find it very good.

    bumawe na lang sa fondness ng mga barkada ku,,, ung togetherness na lang ang pambawe :D
  • shawsankshawsank PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    is Eagle Point still in business or not?
    anyway, we went there at one point...and WE WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN.
    pero true, the service sucks! ang hirap pang puntahan nitong resort na ito and you have to ride their shuttle coz matarik ang daan for larger vehicle and it is not passable. BUT After 1n hour of waiting, wala pa ring shuttle na dumating so we decided to walk! oh my gash! nalosyang ang beauty ko coz it is a 30 minute hike, karag karag ko pa naman ang aking baggage! geez, kahit na may gulong yun no, nasira ang beauty ko sa init ng araw and all that hike! :lol:

    nireklamo namin yun and what they said, sorry at busy lang ang resort dahil it was April! gash! i almost tried to calm myself dahil wala namang pila that time at kaming group lang ang nandun? how come it is busy?! only to find out, their shuttle is "not in service" pala! grrr....

    the worst part pa, gash! after mapagod sa paglalakad gusto mong maligo right?!
    when we came into our designated room that is on the hill pa and is very far, it has NO WATER!!! at hindi kami maitransfer sa ibang room with working bathroom coz "OCCUPIED" daw lahat that day!
    Gosh! ano gusto nilang gawin namin, sa dagat maglublob para maligo, maghilod at iindulge ang mga sarili namin and turn this freaking ocean into a hot tub?! :eek:

    The worst part is, when they offered a working washroom in another kubo where one of our group was assigned! Magshare na lang daw kami since kakilala naman namin sila! :bop:

    Right there and then, kumain lang kami ng lunch (in fairness masarap siya and the view from their restaurant is breath taking) PERO WE END UP LEAVING the resort on that same day! We are planning to stay pa naman for 2 nights because we are into scuba diving! :bop:

    I don't know if nagbago na sila after that experience last Summer of 2007.

    Well, wala naman akong naririnig from my friends or sa kakilala ko for latest feedback DAHIL THEY NEVER BOOKED OR PLAN GOING THERE after hearing our experience! :lol:
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