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Have you experienced CHILD LOSS?

I was just wonedering how parents would feel if their child dies. Would mothers and fathers feel the same way? Or are there differences, since mothers are mostly seen to be more attached to their child. What do you think?

What if the death was sudden and unexpected.. would it hurt more rather than an anticipated death, like due to cancer?

How do parents grief and what are the coping strategies?

Im wiritng my thesis paper regarding this issue and i would like to hear your views and experiences (if you have) regarding this. thank you!


  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    my mom's sister lost her eldest son in a motorcycle accident. nagwala daw auntie ko nung nilibing na anak niya. baka mas masakit pag biglaan kasi walang time para mag-prepare, para mag-goodbye...all the same, masakit pa rin mawalan ng anak.
  • my sister lost their first child in 2001. super sakit i tell you. my nephew was only a-year-and-a-month old then. overnight,he died..dinala sya sa hospital ng mga 12mn,tapos by 12nn,he's gone..my father was so much affected as well,that he was crying out loud(literally) sa hospital..i wasn't there when it happened,nasa bahay ako coz i was also sick..as in nanghina ako when i saw him..tapos sa bahay pa yung wake..

    but i was proud of the parents..hindi sila nagsisihan dun sa nangyari..in fact their love for each other even strengthened and deepened..though it really did hurt,of course,pero di sila nag-away talaga..bilib ako,maybe it's our nephew's will din na maging ganun..the grieving stage was so heart-breaking..sometimes we would just hear my brother-in-law crying sa kwarto..as in "umaatungal" if i got it right..my sister would just visit him sa cemetery,kinakausap nya..sabi nya "bigyan mo nako ng baby,para di kita ma-miss masyado.." after 5mos.,my sister got pregnant..the first christmas after his death,we went to church crying..

    sorry i cant tell much,nalulungkot ako..:(
  • my sister in law lost her eldest daughter last june 2006, because of drawning... biglaan din ang nangyari at di nila alam na nagouting yung anak nila, kaya super nabigla sila ng malaman ang balita na patay na yung anak nya. hirap pa din til now ang sister in law ko, kase favorite na anak nya yun, panganay at graduating sana this year ng nursing, there's a bright future ahead of her sana, kung di yun nangyari, yung sis in law ko, til now hirap pa din syang tanggapin yun, although she is trying to be strong for the sake of her remaining children, kung sigla nya ay di pa din bumabalik sa dati, in denial pa din sya, minsan gusto nyang sisihin ang sarili nya, minsan galit dun sa bf ng anak, (kase sya kasama nung mamatay anak nya) minsan namn sabi nya tanggap na nya, magulo pa utak til now, saka she refrain from attending family gatherings, ayaw daw nyang magsaya pa.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    the hardest to grief is a loss of a loved one.

    maganda ang bonding ko saking uncle. he took good care of me
    noong maliit ako. he never hurt me, always had sense of humor
    to enliven the family. tapos namatay sya... wla ako sa amin. it
    was geographically impossible noon na makauwi ako. nalungkot
    talga ako... napaluha, umiyak at nasaktan puso ko.

    the important words he ever uttered to me, "my son."

    I love my uncle until I breath no more...


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