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All about Tyre Black

Is it just for looks? Manufacturers claim that it's supposed to lengthen a tyre's rubber life... but we only get to apply it on one side.

And I discovered that it's easier and more economical to apply it using a paint brush VS a sponge or chamois.


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Actually there was discussion on another board before that a lot of local tire blacks contribute to the deterioration/discoloration of your tire as they can be petroleum-based. If you shop around for tire black, look around for one that isnt.

    As for me, i prefer not to put. I like the dull-black look.
  • mac_bolan00
    mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin
    i'm sure it's just for looks. proof: they don't put tire black onto the wheels of industrial heavy equipment ---applications where tire life and durability really counts.

    tire black is made of silicone-based paint, mixed with finely powdered charcoal (aka activated carbon). the cheaper tire blacks use a clear latex paint to mix with the carbon.
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