Who likes Musclecars? Post pics here — PinoyExchange

Who likes Musclecars? Post pics here

Hi. Am a fan of old ford mustangs here. In fact am restoring a couple for use. what about you? are you into American musclecars? what are your faves? post pics here please*okay*


  • Original Pontiac GTO and Corvette Stingray (if it is considered as muscle car). Too lazy to post a pic. Haha
  • I'm not a real fan, but there are a couple coming up in the horizon that are retrostlyed that i'm looking forward to.

    2009 Chevy Camaro

    2009 Dodge Challenger
  • if anyone is interested in the pinoy muscle car scene there is a forum out there

    check out

  • soulassassin547
    soulassassin547 Brave New World
    Make mine Foose's Eleanor.
  • Hey all into muscle cars, this is your thread at PEx.

    Whether you collect em, dream about em, collect cards, pics, ads, or even models of them let us know about your muscle machine passion here.

  • Oh I forgot about that one!!! I love that Shelby Mustang!!!
  • mac_bolan00
    mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin
    are you distinguishing between an american muscle car and a european super car?
  • we are looking at american musclecars here
  • are you distinguishing between an american muscle car and a european super car?

    Eight cylinders from Detroit, bolt-on superchargers, fuel injection, Year One mods and Hurst shifters. That cool street-and-strip attitude of American muscle once you take someone like Eleanor out for a date.

    Yes, we're talking about the great steel-and-rubber gods of Detroit.

    OBTW, I once used to read Petersen Publishing's CARtoons. :)
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