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Which is Cheaper?

which is cheaper to get?
a. Separate accommodation and airfare?
b. package tour (inclusive of fare & accom?)

Some says cheaper is package tour, but others say, cheaper is get the airfare separately and book yourself to the hotel because travel agencies daw have CUT or commissions when they book you for a hotel?
Ive been getting the package tour, and right now im confused coz ill be travelling again, and i want the best shot for me...any jetsetter here who can suggest?


By the way, Im referring to a HK and korea tour...


  • Probably package tours. Even though travel agencies get a commission when someone books one of their tours, those very same travel agencies also most likely have made some good deals with the hotels and airline companies, thus reducing the prices. If those package tours are frequently being offered, they probably buy a lot of rooms all together and might have gotten some discounts from the hotels themselves. It's like how it's much cheaper to buy a box full of Evian bottled water in Costco than buying them individually in 7-Eleven.
  • TravelBugTravelBug PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Travel agencies get special rates from airlines and hotels. They do receive a commission from all sales but it will still be cheaper. You gotta learn how to haggle though; if not kokotongan ka ng malaki ng mga agents. They usually pad the rates on their first quote. Here what you can do, try to make a booking for yourself and compare that against what your agent is offering you. If the price quoted by your agent is higher, refer them to the site where you got your rates. Bibigay yan sa price mo coz it will still be better than having no sale at all. He gets the sale, you get the discount. Everybody happy.
  • ^ tnx so much...now ive decided to get the package tour... im enlightened and yes tavelbag i have considered your thoughts on inquiring by myself and compare... tnx...
  • For foreign tours: travel agencies.

    For domestic tours: self-service.

  • ^ :lol:
    czarina, are you from ateneo? i saw you often there in our thread....
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