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    new thread na c mhamie gel!!!!!!!!;)


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    Bye, bye Captain Barbell!

    By Isah V. Red
    To some, they feel bad that Captain Barbell is flying away for good! But, I am happy GMA Network is clipping the wings, so to speak, of the flying Komiks superhero while it is still a couple of points ahead of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal. Otherwise, it could go the way of Sugo that took an embarrassing beating from the competition before the network finally let the ax fall on the show.

    In the last eight months, the TV version of Mars Ravelo’s creation that originally appeared in illustrated serial form, known in those days as komiks (the vernacular form of the American comic books), has dominated the primetime ratings. However, in the last couple of weeks, its audience share has been dropping quite dramatically (again, thanks, but no thanks, to the unimaginative team of writers in Wilma Galvante’s production platoon. They seem to always end up at a dead end and do not know how to find a decent resolution to the conflicts in the heavily flawed plotline of the serial. The team is left with no choice but to rehash episodes and try to fool the audience by injecting a new villain each time hoping it could prolong the shelf-life of Captain Barbell. Meanwhile, the viewers ask themselves, “Where the hell this stupid serial is going?”

    I did get tired of Captain Barbell, finding his dual personality less convincing than that of Superman.

    This Mars Ravelo superhero seems to have an IQ of less than 80 and hides behind a plastic suit. He can’t even fly faster than the speed of sound! Why he doesn’t have an analytical mind is a clear reflection of the network’s creative capabilities, specifically of Galvante’s limited imagination.

    Richard Gutierrez may have the good looks of a matinee idol but is not a convincing superhero. I suggest he stick to playing roles his dad used to play in movies made by Sampaguita Pictures in the late ’50s and early ’60s.

    Richard may have all the passion for action, but he doesn’t have the grit that makes for a great action hero. C’mon guy, you’re too pretty to be a superhero. GMA Network, however, is not going to agree with me on this one, but one day I will be proven right. He’s lucky, though, that Captain Barbell was up on the screens when ABS-CBN seems to be foundering with shows that can rekindle interest in its primetime block. But those who are privy to the overnight ratings (of both networks) know that Captain Barbell underperformed, considering the hype and the buildup it got from the network vis a vis its direct competition (Kapamilya Dear or No Deal) and the overlapping program on its last quarter Super Inggo (a drama-fantasy with a richer folkloric elements, not to mention the charming Makisig Morales as Budong).

    This is the last four days of Captain Barbell on the screen. All I can say is, good luck, and have a safe journey home… wherever that is.
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    post ko lang c chard in the limelight today!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce:


    Richard Gutierrez

    Richard has given life to memorable characters in prime time favorites like Mulawin and Sugo. Taking on the role of the much-lived komics hero Captain Barbell, 'Chard is once more all set to ignite the fires of our imaginations.
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    Abante Tonite
    Jun Lalin

    Sa Biyernes na magtatapos ang Captain Barbell, kaya sa farewell promotions nila kahapon sa S.O.P. ay malungkot ang cast.

    "Ngayon pa nga lang, miss ko na ang ibang mga kasama ko sa Captain Barbell," sey ni Richard Gutierrez.

    After ng promotions nila sa S.O.P. ay sabay-sabay silang kumain sa isang restaurant sa Morato Av., QC.

    Syanga pala, si Rhian Ramos pa rin ang leading lady ni Richard sa kanyang bagong daily series sa GMA 7, ang Lupin III.

    Kasama rin niya ang dalaga sa bagong pelikula nila ni Angel Locsin sa GMA Films na The Promise.


    Speaking of The Promise, may nakapagbalita sa amin na nanibago raw ang staff kay Angel.

    Mas ganado raw kasing magtrabaho ngayon ang young actress.

    Mukhang ang pagsubsob sa trabaho ang "gamot" ni Angel sa break-up nila ni Oyoboy Sotto.

    Napansin din daw ng staff na mas close ngayon sina Angel at Richard. Panay raw ang biruan nilang dalawa kapag hindi nagte-take.

    Syanga pala, naikuwento sa amin ng isang staff ng The Promise na sina Regine Velasquez at Ogie Alcasid ang kakanta ng theme song ng pelikula.


    hay pano ba naman di magiging ganado c gel eh panay pala ang lambingan nila ni chard eh kay inspired na inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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    if u want to look 4 angel's previous thread

    here's the link of angel's 1st thread:

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    I think this should be renamed Angel-Richard thread :rotflmao:

    Ngayon ko lang pala na-realise na yung name mo e contraction ng Richard + Angel. ^ Chard. Gel. :rotflmao: I always thought it was your real name.
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    Jamo wrote: »
    I think this should be renamed Angel-Richard thread :rotflmao:

    Ngayon ko lang pala na-realise na yung name mo e contraction ng Richard + Angel. ^ Chard. Gel. :rotflmao: I always thought it was your real name.

    u know wat is this forums is open to everyone but i myself like richard 4 gel that y im posting those stuff if anyone else like gel with others they can freely post it here no one will stop them!!!!!!!!!!!!;) just like rebekita i'm not telling her to take off her pics even though its dennis alone!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

    yah ur brilliant one u realized it but not enough because C.G. stands for GUTIERREZ AND COLMENARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!*okay*
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    Colmenares? Ril name mo ba yun? Parang family na family name na yun ah.... *isip*isip* :hmm: :hmm:

    Hokays. At least peace na kau ni Rebekita. You did open it with a solo Angel pic naman eh. *okay*
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    Jamo wrote: »
    Colmenares? Ril name mo ba yun? Parang family na family name na yun ah....

    Hokays. At least peace na kau ni Rebekita. You did open it with a solo Angel pic naman eh. *okay*

    no its not...its angel's real family name!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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    no its not...its angel's real family name!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    :rotflmao: Kaya naman pala familiar sa kin :rotflmao:

    Grabe New Year's eve 2002/2003 pala nagstart yung last thread ni Angel :eyecrazy:

    fe Sexiest Women in the Philippines 2007 Poll


    as of January 9, 2007 9:00PM

    1. Angelica Panganiban (15%) 1,687 votes
    2. Neri Naig (11%) 1,157 votes
    3. Melissa Ricks (9%) 945 votes
    4. Roxanne Guinoo (4%) 503 votes
    5. Aira Bermudez (3%) 357 votes
    6. Jennylyn Mercado (3%) 329 votes
    7. Camille Prats (2%) 311 votes
    8. Rachelle Ann Go (2%) 284 votes
    9. Iwa Moto (2%) 251 votes
    10. Shaina Magdayao (2%) 239 votes


    VOTE for your
    fE Sexiest Women in the Philippines 2007 Poll
    http://geocities.com/fesexiestwomen or


    2006 fE Sexiest Women Final Results


    fE Sexiest Women Official PEx Forum Thread
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    ANong nangyari sa dating Angel thread?
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    Hindi pa man nakakapag-decide si Richard Gomez kung talagang tatakbong senador sa darating na election, kinukuwestiyon na ang kakayahan niyang maging parte ng Senado.

    Kulang daw ang kaalaman niya para maging senador, pero maganda ang paliwanag ng actor na gusto niyang magsilbi sa publiko.

    Nabanggit noon ni Richard na may final assessment siya with his supporters sa Bulacan para malaman ang weak and strong points niya.

    Doon yata nila ibabase kung pagka-senador o pagka-gobernador ng Bulacan siya tatakbo.

    Hiningan din pala namin ng comment si Richard sa ginawa ng GMA Films na i-remake ang Hihintayin Kita sa Langit nila ni Dawn Zulueta at may title na The Promise.

    “Maganda ’yan at nag-usap na kami nina Direk Mike Tuviera at Richard Gutierrez. Nagbigay ako ng pointers kay Richard at sinabi kong galingan at gandahan nila ni Angel (Locsin) dahil milestone ang movie na ’yon. Okey sa akin na sina Richard at Angel ang bida,” wika ni Goma.
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