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Zamboanga Hermosa!..¿que tal ustedes?

El maga de Zamboanga,aqui ta........Quetal ya?

hi to all Zamboangenos kung tsene ba aqui na PEx,bisita tamen aqui,pobre man ta,daw bien silencio gayod. Donte bos otros ta entra skuela y donte bos otros ta keda aki na Pilipinas?
Di aton este...


  • ey... are you from Zamboanga City? Well, I'm not but would you happen to study at Ateneo de Zamboanga? Do you know anybody there?
  • Yeap,i graduated from Ateneo de Zamboanga.......Yes i know a lot,like who?I have a lot of friends there.
  • hey there! i just visited PEx and I am glad there's a section for Chavacanos! quetal? porque nuay man ta bisita aqui??? ansina ya ba de poko el chavacano na pilipinas?? i'm from zc but i'm in manila right now finishing my college degree. Btw, BeaconNewsMag, when did you graduate?
  • hi prepps! quetal man alyi,cosa ya gayod poco lang man mga chavacano alyi o bien tamad lang gad el etro. Im still studying aqui na ateneo second year college,chene yo plano saka masters alyi na manila actually alyi era yo man college pero daw nuay pa man yo gana sale daw tan homesick yo kun sale yo.hehehehehe.cosa course tu ta saka?where?i graduated na ateneo High School 1999.basta
  • hello animo!

    sorry wasnt able to reply. sobrang bc. anyway, if u graduated from adez batch 99 baka kilala kita. im 2 batches ahead, 1997. so how come u didnt study here? it was a bit hard at first but well, tamang-anad lang. you must know some people from my batch in hs! this is fun! hey reply asap! daw kita lanng man dos tang kwento aqui.
  • opps forgot to answer your question....
    i'm studying in ateneo de mla and taking up ab management economics. what are u taking up?
  • hi preppy....quetal ya man alyi....I wasnt able to take the ACET kasi,that time i was out of zamboanga....sayang gayod.I was able to take other exams ..pasado man pero daw nokere pa yo sale na zamboanga...nacks yan sisi gad yo ki tan duru ya yo.....but chene yo plans after i graduate aqui na adez,ill study again...bitin kasi di miyo course....im taking up BS Masscom...by the way...batch 97 ka diba...so batch di kaw kina randy jay,aileen malaca,ok ur from brebeuf?right?im from Gonzaga....hehehehe....i dont know if you know me......im Raul,basta Raul ekel pintor...
  • Hey Raul! Do u happen to be Animo_Aguila too? Well... i'm doing fine, da usual hellweek lang naman! grabeng teachers! i have an exam everyday nuay pa se el papers! they all want us to suffer before xmas braeK!!! about ur plans to study after college... well, i think mas bueno if u work first before pursuing further studies. it's about the experience. work ka muna ng mga two years. hindi ba tu ta kansa istudya?? i cant wait to get out of college( i am jas saying this now but i know il regret it soon!) nway, i also plan to take up my mba degree hopefully abroad. pero syempre i nid to work for 2-3 years since most schools require work experience. (btw, excuse me if i prefer to write in eng, bien dificil mangspel konel chavacano!) so, what do u know about randy and ailyn? did u personally meet them?
  • yeap,the same lang but beaconewsmag di miyo gf kel tesnebes ta usa.hehehehe. Yeap actually ailyn is not my friend,randy is.What section were you in high school? are you Pamela Alfaro?or.......ummmmmmm samantha alvarez?
    ****** studying after i graduate,my dad told me to work first to have extra income ...hmmmmm but i wanna study then work para un bes yalang...what do you think? na igual lang gale aqui byen mucho assignments and paperworks.....the prob here in ADZ ta ase sila baho mga course for example me kay masscom iyo na bobo daw pati tambakan del mga bobo...grabe !!! and thats not true.hehehe i can prove it to them...gto go na durmi ya iyo gudnayt
  • i'm neither of them? how come ur not friends with ailyn? randy's doing fine here. quite busy with rehersals. i guess il c u in zc. il be there for the xmas break. time to rest for all of us. i've had quite a hellish prexmas break! cya
  • preps...naaaa who are you?tell me ,ill try to ask my cousin if he knows you...hehehe derick.or my friend shemane
  • ur derick's cousin? maybe i should ask him about u. hey s mr ranz apolinario also ur cousin? he also graduated from ademu. kalahi kumbaga. i ges il c u n skul. it's xmas break but i have lots of things to do. i'm practically bringing all my books and readings!!!!! u enjoy ur remaining college years, ok? me, i only got less than 100 days to go before law school or work! if by this time u still dont know me, dont worry, ul know soon (after i get to see hu u r!hehehe)
  • Que tal!!! Si tu un Zamboangueno, Caviteno, Cotabateno, o davaoeno y los menos sabe habla o conversar chavacano (masquin un puquito lang). Pabor dale un momento para man juntu-junto quita y savoria el alegria del uh joven que ta conversa "Chavacano". Gracias!!!
  • Oh my goodness!!! I love your dialect, Spanish must've been a piece of cake for you!! My Lola's Chovacana and I also have a friend who could speak that...I wish I could too!!

    Well anyway....uhhh.....hasta luego (?) :laugh:

  • Bueno pa tu sabe tu conversa y hondo chavacano.

    Claro gad de ADEZ tu... porcasa na nick di ustedes.
  • ArcherBlaze- Que tal tu? De ADZU tambien tu :D? tu locacion a hora na Zamboanga ba? O hala bueno el situacion alli! Sabe tu bien alegre yo porque tiene ya tam bien yo un companero aqui na PEX que sabe conversa chavacano....Weeeeeee.......Sige ya si tiene pa tu alli uban que sabe tam bien conversa chavacano...cumbida ya canila aqui na PEX para man junto-junto quita y anuncia kay el di atun lenguahe bien "VIVO PA".

    Triglyceride- Muchas gracias amigo!!! Not true at all my friend...it's not that simple 'cause unlike spanish, chavacano is not that rigid in grammatical structure and doesn't care much about noun and verb agreement in numbers. In terms of Verb, chavacano has no conjugated verbs. The nouns as well as pronouns are not that particular with gender-the feminine and masculine form like "Las hermanas y Los hermanos". In chavacano we can say it "el hermana y el hermano". Therefore, we do struggle in these areas in studying Spanish. What comes handy are the Chavacano words 'cause about 75 to 85% of them are of spanish origin. In Zamboanga, chavacano exists in many forms. One would be very much close to castellano...the one spoken by Mayor Ma. Clara Lobregat due to a direct root or lineage of spanish ancestry. It is much polite due to the usage "tu" to address the second person. Like "Quosa 'tu' nombre"-what is your name. The second form is melted with Visayan words and accent and spoken by Visayans who migrated in. It is characterize by impoliteness due to the usage of "VOS" instead of "TU". The pronunciations are...you know what I mean (e.g. I to e).....Thirdly are what we call " de Alla-alla" in tagalog: taga doon. They talk with singing intonation and they don't usually pronounce the letter 'S'. Like posporo, they pronounce it as 'POH-pro. The structure is much similar to that of the first form. Last form would be the flat; its mixture is indescribable and I think this is what the new gen is very identifiable with. No intonation and influenced by English, Filipino, visaya, chinese, tausug, waray and more. God, I just really don’t where it’s heading to! Thanks guys for the post. Bye for now

  • muchas gracias amigos...i just like to hear chavacano...coz i have a friend who could speak this lovely dialect of yours...i'm a kapampangan but may i still participate here?...kahit nagbabasa lang...gusto ko pong matuto...

    gracias...donde esta santa claus?..ay mali...he-he.:)

    PEACE senior...espanyol kasi ang dating nang handle ko...

  • tresdiamantes- No Problemo mi amigo! Donde tu quere principia? where do wanna start? :rolleyes:
  • el_aguila99

    Bueno man... etu? Quetal?

    Hinde yo de ADEZ, ya gradua yo HS na Chong Hua. Yo ahora ta esta na Manila ta estudya na Colegio de San Benildo de Universidad De La Salle. Yo un 2nd yr estudyante ta saca curso Bachelor de sciencia na Institusional Management de Hotel y Restaurante.

    Cosa di ustedes curso y year level?

    El situacion aqui na Manila ay bueno man contra con el situacion alyi na Ciudad de Zamboanga. Ya uwi yo na delicado daw alyi ahora por quasa con el mga rebelde abu sayyaf, manada ya daw tirahan y matahan, mas malo na Basilan. Cuando gaha acaba el crisis alyi. Como un ordinaryo hente del Dyos, ayuda resada lang el nesesita el mga hente militar.

    Alegre tambien yo y ya puede yo incontra un Zamboangue?o egual con ustedes aqui na PEX. Bien ralo lang este.

    Si... Bien vivo pa el lenguahe del Zamboanga. Alegre tambien yo sabe na tiene mga hinde de Zamboanga y bien interesado na leguahe.

    Hasta aqui anay....
  • Tres diamantes

    I'll add a slash(/) as a guide for you on how to read and understand the Chavacano Language better. :)

    Hola!!! / Como esta?
    -> (hello... how are you?)

    note: hola or hello may be used as a greeting. The word Como esta means "how are you". You may also say Quetal(ke-tal), it literary means "how are you" or "how are you doing"

    Semehante / el lenguahe Chavacano / y lenguahe Mexicano
    -> (The Chavacano language is similar to Mexican)

    note: Semehante means "similar/the same/equal" The word "el" is "The" in chavacano... let's say you wanna say THE BOY... you would say it in chavacano as "el hombre" Another thing, the y(iy)... it is like "and" in english.. example... you wanna say "the boy and the girl"... you may say it as "el hombre y mujer"

    Mas Semehante / el lenguahe Chavacano / na lenguahe Mexicano / contra con el lenguahe Spa?ol.
    -> (The Chavancano language is more similar to mexican compared to Spanish)

    note: If you'd noticed that the word "mas" is added with semehante... which means "more similar" while the word "contra con" is fairly used to compare something. Example... "Mark is better than Tom" you'd say it as "Mas bueno si Mark contra con Tom"

    Yo / alegre sabe / cay / interesado tu sabe / pa qui modo conversa / un lenguahe unico.
    -> (I'm glad to know that you've been interested about to learn how to speak a unique language)

    note: "Yo" means me. "alegre sabe" means "happy to know". "cay" literary means "because". "interesado tu sabe" means "you are interested to know/learn". "pa qui modo" plainly means "how"...

    take note that "yo/con migo" is the first person.. while "tu/con tigo" is the second person and "sila/canila" is referred to as the third person. "canatun" means "us"

    note: "dale" means "give"
    I will give you a gift
    - dale yo / con tigo / un regalo

    I will give them a gift
    - dale yo / canila / un regalo

    You will give me a gift
    - dale tu / con migo / un regalo

    They will give me a gift
    - dale sila / con migo / un regalo

    They will give you a gift
    - dale sila / con tigo / un regalo

    They will give us a gift
    - dale sila / canatun / un regalo

    I hope that you will be more familiar about the Chavacano language...

    Hasta aqui anay... (til here...)
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