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repair shop for power windows

i'd like to ask for some recommendations on the best repair shop to have my power window fixed, with a ballpark figure on the price. thanks! :)


  • team slick
    team slick Ghost Barbarian
    i just had mine repair recently, honda crv 2003 edition. nasira yung power window ko sa driver side, inquire sa casa roughly around 13,000 ang original parts + labor.

    I went to Romy's car & accessory shop along juan luna, after tayuman and before blumentritt, its actually after tayuman stop light, a couple of shops away from the shell station. Got my window repair for roughly around 2500 (surplus na japan part - not too sure whether its true or not) + labor. Another alternative was a taiwan replacement which cost around 5800 or i can opt for the original japan part which cost around 11,000. Either way, ive been a long time customer of his, so ok naman for me to go to his shop for repairs. hope this helps you out
  • the cost will depend on the problem. if simple adjustments are needed, eg tightening of cables, 500 max. Replacement parts will range from 1800 upto Casa price. Have it checked in Evangelista. Had mine fixed there. Driver side power windows are notorious. Though sometimes, a little armor all in the window run channels would do the trick.
  • hmmm how much naman po magpalagay ng power windows sa nissan 99 f.e
  • badoochi
    badoochi schadenfreude
    Mine won't close all the way, instead it makes that "tug" sound like it is stuck.

    team slick, is juan luna the street where the lrt line is located?
  • geekhead
    geekhead El Kapitan
    Try Wizards in Morato.*okay*
  • team slick
    team slick Ghost Barbarian
    sorry for the late reply badoochi, the street where the old lrt line is located is called rizal avenue. If you're at the tayuman station, just make go straight heading over to tondo side, you should reach juan luna. the landmark is a shell station at the corner and since its an one way street you can only make a right, then a couple of shops, then you will see the shop.

    Like what others has mentioned maybe a little motor oil might do the trick or you can bring to a shop first for inspection whats wrong. Yours still work although its stuck so maybe something wrong with the wiring or something only
  • wizzards for me.
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