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my stomach sounds strange... :(

I've been here in germany for almost 3 months and napansin ko almost most of the day I hear crumbling sounds inside my stomach. d naman siya masakit and im not hungry naman kasi i ate 6x a day lagi (part of my diet plan).

do you think its bad? sa pinas kasi wala akong nararamdaman na ganito first time lang...im a bit troubled..its just a weird feeling though... :hmm:


  • rumbling sounds without any changes in bowel habits (watery stools, very "gassy" output, etc..) doesn't really sound very bad. Moving to another country can sometimes upset the stomach for dietary reasons. The food you are eating isn't something your stomach is used to. It might take a while for the entire digestive system to adjust to a "new" food environment.

    Advise: I know it bothers you, but if you function without your colon giving you problems. Its no biggie :)
  • double post:hmm:
  • ganun ba...weird lang kasi ang feeling talaga.. .. thanks! :D
  • give your stomach time to adjust to a new dietary environment. Maybe your gut doesn't like german sausages :) happy eating :)
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