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Tingling sensation on skin when stressed.

Hi Docs! I have this condition wherein whenever I experience stress, I would feel tingling sensation all over my body, i.e., on the skin. It feels like being pricked all over by very tiny needles and it is very itchy as a result.
I've experienced this before a couple of years ago but the tingling usually only feels on my (entire) scalp. I noticed it stopped a few months ago just before I moved abroad but then just last month I started to experience it again and this time on my entire body. It happens when I'm stressed or feeling anxious or irriated by a situation I'm in.
What could be causing this? I think I might have a problem with my nervous system? Or my skin? Please enlighten as I have not encountered anyone or read about anyone who have a similar condition. Thanks!


  • stress does funny things to people. It makes you vulnerable to catch colds, retards healing, can make you vomit/nauseaus for no reason etc...

    Some people have different reactions to stress, and it just so happens that you feel that prickling sensation when you are in a "stress" mode.

    whatever you're having doesn't sound serious, and the most important thing is that you recognized the sensation to ACCOMPANY the emotion of being stressed.

    The solutions therefore is to "unstress". Thats kinda hard to do nowadays. :)

    If the feeling doesn't cause any problems at all, then its no biggie :)

    But do visit the local psychiatrist for evaluation of your "stressfull" lifestyle whenever you start to feel the following:
    1. It bothers you so much you can't work, eat, sleep
    2. you spend half your day worrying about it and when its going to come back
    3. Its enough to cause a problem in your social life, you stop going out, stop talking to people etc..

    the 3 options i mentioned sounds stupid but it does happen to some people who get so worried about it.

    However, if it doesn't really bother you, just relax and remember that you just had another stressful day and its time to unwind :)
  • Thanks po! I just thought I might have a neurological problem. Lately I've been under pressure in my new job, maybe that's why. I'd be alarmed when I experience the pricklies randomly. Tama po kayo, stress management I guess is the answer. But it's really difficult to manage stress. And usually when I get that tingling sensation, it adds more to the stress :( .
  • no problem. Stress is a problem nowadays. :)
    Maybe as soon as you become more comfortable with your work, it'll start to go away. :)
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