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Favorite ice cream flavor [Merged]



  • GForceGForce Grounded PExer
    double dutch
    anything with coffee :D

  • thehitmanthehitman The best there is PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Basta variety ng chocolate, cheese, and banana, okay sa akin!


    Ay, hindi pala nginunguya ang ice cream. :glee:

  • KyuKyu Tenshi PExer

    pero pwede na rin vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavor
  • whisperwhisper Member PExer
    mango, ube, green tea, and chocolate...
  • hannah17smbhannah17smb ifYOUwantITcomeANDgetIT PExer
    -double dutch :D
    -rocky road :D
    -vanilla :D
    ...that's pretty much what i want and what i enjoy!!! kaoani-act-yellow26.gif


  • hubeshubes contractor PExer
    ARCE DAIRY Coffee Crumble & Mantecado.
    I know it's a little bit on the "too sweet" side but for the moment I like SELECTA's Oatmeal Cookie Dough
  • bluebassbluebass purplekrypton PExer
    cookies and cream
  • chloe15chloe15 Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    rocky road
  • mp3mp3 Registered User PExer
    rocky road
    coffee crumble
    mint choco chips n bubblegum - kaya lang wala na ito....sigh... :(
  • violet18violet18 Member PExer
    super rocky road
    double dutch
    cookie's and cream
  • LordVideoGameLordVideoGame Member PExer
    Cookies and Cream, Snickers, Cinammon, Vanilla, Strawberry Cheescake. :yum:
  • 11# UST_guard'9811# UST_guard'98 Camp Lejeune PExer
  • subarusubaru chinese idiot PExer
    cookies and cream.... mm... pero allergic ako sa chocolates... :(
    anything mocha.... pero allergic sa chocolates pa din...

    well. since bawal ako nun, vanilla nalang. or any coffee.
  • severin_severinseverin_severin erotic vulture PExer
    tie between chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip.
    OH YEAH. :)
  • damnrightdamnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫ PExer
    cookies n cream
    quezo real
    ube ( puede na rin:shrug: )

    the flavors i really don't like are those that have marshmallows in it. i hate marshmallows.:no:
  • PhilophobicPhilophobic scarred PExer
    avocado (miss ko na 'to)

    dirty ice cream:
  • Italian_bellaItalian_bella Ciao Baby! PExer
    The best place to get ice cream in the Phils is in Cebu. A small shop around the Plaza Hotel there. It's an Italian place. I don't remember the name. You know, being italian, I have to say that italian ice cream is the best
    try: nocciola, tartufo (this one is great) these are two of the best.

    Of the english ones, rocky road is good, hagen das is good, they have a mandarin one that is really nice. The Turtles one is really good but really rich and sweet.

    the good thing about the italian ones, is that they go great with an espresso. I know what you are thinking, ice cream and coffee. But you have to try the real italian stuff. It really goes great. That place in Cebu makes a good ice cream.

    I really like the mango and ube one we get here in Toronto. By Magnolia. Not to keen on the jack fruit one though.

    But hey any ice cream will do for me!!!!!!!!!;) I love it!!!!!
  • sweetchicksweetchick : : h a p p y : : PExer
    :spinstar: strawberry [yum!]
    :spinstar: rocky road

  • TrueNorthTrueNorth Member PExer
    VANILLA/ French vanilla and PISTACHIO (Haagen Dazs' is the best!)
  • cherryc0kecherryc0ke Frustrated Geek PExer
    i used to frequent this ice cream place in nyc's china town where they sold interesting ice cream flavors. my favorites include green tea, red beans and taro ice cream. i tried the ginger flavored one but i didn't like it :P

    on "normal" flavors, i prefer chocolate over vanilla and i find hagen daaz's dulce de leche absolutely to die for!

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