Favorite ice cream flavor [Merged]



  • crazybeautifulcrazybeautiful state of paranoia PExer
    Cookies and Cream
    Rocky Road
    Selecta Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

  • michecesmicheces Member PExer
  • loytecsonloytecson Member PExer
    s t r a w b e r r y forever!!! :heart:
  • gRaYmAtTergRaYmAtTer resident prick PExer
    i always think and say i hate ice cream, but once it's in my mouth, i suddenly forget about that. so...it doesn't matter what flavor it is. :D
  • sea spritesea sprite FRODO LIVES! PExer
    vanilla (on top of freshly baked fudge brownies)
    dulce de leche

  • jamoca
    coffee crumble
    cookies and cream
    berries and cream
    french vanilla
  • kristinakristina Can't get 'nuff of PExer
    - chocolate decadence
    - chocolate mousse
    - crunch
    - goo goo chunks
    - coffee crumble
    - mango
    - strawberry
    - very rocky road
  • AeLfyres_8RushAeLfyres_8Rush firebird...REBORN! PExer
    cookies and cream...ever!
  • P_A_U_L_A_78P_A_U_L_A_78 Member PExer
    People! try the ice cream in Pazzo Rockwell or Glorietta!!!

    My fave flavor there is Roke....it has Ferrero Rocher in it. Ibang klase! All the other flavors are good also....don't fail to try it!

    Siyempre Cookies and Cream...any brand is good! except Nestle! My fave among all though is the one of Coney Island! but...no more coney island eh :(


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  • Byte MeByte Me «§!£vér-†ØñgûëЙ» PExer
    selecta's cookies & cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chocolate marble!
    rocky road!
  • savage-savage- tralalala ladida PExer
    ampalaya flavored ice cream....yum....especially with chocolate toppingz...yum....ERRRRRKKK..........crap aside....i love vanilla ice cream! :p :p
  • cruisercruiser sO UnPreDictAbLe PExer
    selecta's double dutch and rocky road.. basta may chocolates..:D
  • ArcherBlazeArcherBlaze I'm your PAL PExer
    mint(my fave)
  • Ben & Jerry's Butter Pecan ===> (Ba't wala dito sa Phils ang Ben & Jerry's!)

    Arce's Macapuno

  • randelexrandelex Member PExer
    :icecream2: :icecream2: :icecream2: :icecream2: :icecream2: :icecream2:
  • oranoorano Member PExer
    Believe it or not - my favorite ice flavor is ube ! Least favorite ko yung sobrang chocolate like double chocolate, rocky road and the like.
  • BakafoolBakafool Member PExer
    Vanilla, mango, ube and cookies 'n cream for me!
  • NerfyNerfy Member PExer
    Any Godiva or Haagen Dazs ice cream with chocolate in it...
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    cookies and cream tsaka cherry vanilla


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