Favorite ice cream flavor [Merged]



  • scubaotakuscubaotaku I'm Rei! PExer

    not just in ice creams, kahit ano! Ube talaga!!!!
  • kazekaze put God first PExer
    VERY ROCKY ROAD! GRABE TALAGA!!! :icecream:;)
  • IdiosyncraticIdiosyncratic Amalthea PExer


  • santeriasanteria .-..:::..-. PExer
    has got to be double dutch and coffee crumble.... sarap talaga!!!!
  • tofitofi The World Online PExer
    Rocky Road
    Double Dutch

  • roadrage23roadrage23 Scrutineer PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Menta at Pazzo's :handsdown:
  • mari^polamari^pola mwah! ? PExer
    basta anything "chocolate"!! :D double dutch, rocky road, choco chips, etc etc

    AND strawberry!! yummmmm! :icecream:
  • WoodbineWoodbine rehabilitated PEx addict PExer
    Double Dutch lang. :)
  • coffee crumble

    double dutch

    cookies & cream


  • hubeshubes contractor PExer
    Selecta's Coffee Crumble
    Magnolia's Cookies & Cream
    Arce Dairy's Mantecado
    & Hershey's Hugs & Kisses ice cream
    oh & btw, does anyone know what brand of ice cream Shangri-La Manila serves with their buffet. That's yummy too. :icecream2:
  • anwarlorenzoanwarlorenzo Sishne! PExer
    Cookies and Cream, Plain avocado and mango yum!icecream.gif
  • WhItEFoxWhItEFox Back in PEx! PExer
    Selecta' s plain mango or mocha and sansrival flavored ice cream.
  • - coffee crumble
    - rocky road
    - double dutch
    - mango
    - cheese
    - mantecado
    - mocha
    - haagen dazs strawberry
  • ping!ping! my body is weak PExer
    I just tried this new flavor of Godiva, Chocolate with Chocolate Hearts--ang sarap! Rich and creamy, tapos may dark chocolate hearts pa na kasama. Yum:yum:
  • reeh18reeh18 mushy_baby PExer
    favorite ko yun bata pa lang ako... sarap yun pag may belgian cone... try nyo rin strawberry sundae ng mcdo... try nyo gawa strawberry milkshake na my strawberry ice cream... the best...
    here's the catch... i don't eat fresh strawberries....
  • anan Rise and Shine! PExer
    :hippie: RoCKy ROaD
    :lickout: DOuBLe DuTcH
    :redgrin: StRaWBeRRy
    :spinstar: MaNgO

    :yum: :yum: :yum:
  • hubeshubes contractor PExer
    I don't know if any of you remember that Magnolia used to have their Gold Label Super Premium line of ice cream. Well, they had Coffee Mangosteen back then & I wish they had that now. :)

    I know that there still is Gold Label but the Super Premium flavors seem to have disappeared. :(
  • aisheaishe aish?",2,"aff10a38a7c7ed7e59a6a009233ed41b8QB4cu5oHiG-e]1?UnZ9yw\*Q8g3G1
    *double dutch
  • tagaStaCruztagaStaCruz Occidental Mindoro PExer
    sarap yung hershey's hugs and kisses
  • coffee crumble


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