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♥[13]SHAINAticz Kingdom -Home of our LUCKY CHARM- Ms. SHAINA MAGDAYAO-[13]♥


This is the thread of our PRINCESA SHAINA MAGDAYAO Home of the SHAINAtics

[highlight]To All Shainatics and to Our Elegant Princess Shaina
Congrats for doin' a great job sa last thread natin..now we're in our new home let's have fun and todo support tayo sa PRINCESA! PRINCESS SHAINA LOVES SHAINATICS and SHAINATICS LOVES SHAINA!!

We are one big happy family! Our bond is stronger than a rubber band and no one can break us and our Princess down diba? HAPPY POSTING everyone! Love you all!! SHAINATICS ROCKZ!!

Message to Newbies and Lurkers:

Feel free to post n visit Shaina's thread often. Shainaticz are nice people we don't bite..Feel free to mingle and chat with us. And also feel free to leave a message to Shaina because Shaina does read her thread and she keeps up to date wit us. Thank You and HAPPY POSTING!

To Haterz:

God Bless You! With whatever you guys say and post SHAINATICS will stay strong and we will still support and love Shaina no matter what. Haterz are just wasting their time with us coz they will not succeed in making us hate Shaina becoz we LOVE & SUPPORT her so dearly. I hope God will enlighten ur minds, open ur hearts and fill it wit love becoz its filled wit Hatred. Take Care and God Bless.[/highlight]



We gone so far already as SHAINAtics Kingdom now we are at our 11th Kingdom! Congrats SHAINAtics we made it this far! Todo Support tayo sa Princess Shaina natin!!!

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Keep on Watching Abt Ur Luv!!
Watch Out for Shaina in Rounin!!!

Keep on Watching Princess Shaina with her Prince Ray in ASAP 06 every sunday with the ULTIMATE DANCE 4! Go Dance Sweet Hearts!



  • cuidacuida Member PExer
    cOngRATulATIOn's tO ALl ShAiNaTIC'S FOr oUr NeW TrHeAD!!!..:cheers:
    HappY NeW!!!..:rotflmao:
    HAPpY NeW TrheAd!!!:bounce2:
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer

    woooooooowwwwwwww........... new home natin........ yyyiiiiiiiipppppppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer
    happy NEW year shainatics..............................;)
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer

    yey.... new home nah tau... b4 the year ends....... ang saya2x........... wwwwweeeeeeeeeee;)
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer





  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer

    our angel......:bashful: :love:
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer

    astig luvteam.........:love: :bashful: :D
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer
    :bashful: :love: :naughty::D
  • jecca01jecca01 YOU'RE MY HONEY BABY ♥ PExer
    princess...were not done with thread 12 yet..soo you can continue to post there ok! hehe
  • marywillemarywille ♥pRiNcEsS♥ PExer
    jecca01 wrote: »
    princess...were not done with thread 12 yet..soo you can continue to post there ok! hehe

    hi!! jessica.... uu nga eh.. patawad pohw...:mecry:

    i'm lost... pra aqng nsa forest....:lol: :rotflmao:

    xuri ulit... yeah!! i started posting dr nah...hehhehehhe:lol:
  • jecca01jecca01 YOU'RE MY HONEY BABY ♥ PExer
    yay new house! congrats on finishing the last thread fiona and princess!
  • cute_gurl_24cute_gurl_24 Beautiful Rescue. PExer
    :wave: SHAINATICS
    now we can post here. CONGRATULATIONS! :cheers:


    OUR LUCKY THREAD 13! :rocker: :cheers:
  • congrats sa new thread *okay*
  • krissy5krissy5 G--0--D PExer
    new home na!!

  • cute_gurl_24cute_gurl_24 Beautiful Rescue. PExer
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  • krissy5krissy5 G--0--D PExer
    heller shainatics!!! :wave:

  • cute_gurl_24cute_gurl_24 Beautiful Rescue. PExer
    gotta go na! CONGRATS ulit sa new home. :cheers:

    :wave: bye everyone
  • May_IMay_I [~I ♥ Melissa Ricks~] PExer

    (dont know if u saw this yet but i'll post it again)

    credits to melissa ricks ^ she put that on her myspace ^ *okay*
  • jecca01jecca01 YOU'RE MY HONEY BABY ♥ PExer

    i just love them =]
  • jecca01jecca01 YOU'RE MY HONEY BABY ♥ PExer
    May_I wrote: »

    (dont know if u saw this yet but i'll post it again)

    credits to melissa ricks ^ she put that on her myspace ^ *okay*

    cool thanks for posting it here! =]
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