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Problem swallowing. Bakit?

I tried searching this topic before posting but it seems searching has been disabled. If the mods want to merge this with another thread that's okay. :)

Anyway, last night I was eating and I noticed that the food in my mouth was getting bigger and bigger and when I tried swallowing I couldn't do it. I spat out the food in my mouth, took another spoonful and tried again. I couldn't swallow.

The strange thing is when I got up to drink some water I was able to do it. I was still hungry so my mom suggested I have some jelly instead which I was able to swallow.

It's never happened to me before and it was kind of scary because I was forcing myself to swallow and I could actually feel my throat close. The only reasons I can think of for why this happened are: an allergic reaction to something in the food (but wouldn't that also mean my breathing would be affected which it wasn't), I had to burp and my body was trying to make sure I don't swallow and my personal favorite contributed by my mom-I've already eaten too much. :rotflmao:

I looked on the net for possible reasons but none of them sound right to me (most are attributed to age factors/smoking/scarring of throat). Anyone out there with a better idea?


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    ^Change your custom title please.

    It's just a suggestion. You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar...right?

    Please see an ENT physician as soon as possible. You might have a condition called dysphagia.

    What causes it for your particular case? Only a clinical examination can determine that.
  • I'm not very familiar with dysphagia but something I read says it is caused as a result of another condition (eg motor neurone disease, cancers etc). A lot of the diseases/causes linked to dysphagia aren't present in me so it could be caused by something else.

    I don't know what the exact cause/triggers are because it has only happened once to me although there has been times when I had difficulty swallowing ( I was still able to swallow eventually).

    I will have to see a specialist soon but thanks for the advice.
  • dysphagia has a lot of causes, organic diseases and even psychological. ENT or a Gastroenterologist can do the necessary workups.
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