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is it wrong to shampoo and condition your hair more than once a day?

hmmm... well i do it...

pinagdedebatihan siya samin eh...

if it is wrong can you give me some advice?


  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Good afternoon l'angelo. Please wait for the reply of the physicians.

    Have you tried asking your dermatologist?
  • heard in tv and radio programs na di nga daw healthy ang pag shampoo daily.

    pero they might be referring sa mga commercial shampoos.

    lets hear a proper medical opinon from our experts here *okay*
  • my two cents... i hope i still remembered what was taught in college.. here goes... hair is skin appendage; skin when exposed constantly to chemicals from shampoo, soap, etc. loses its natural moisture hence it dries out... same principle applies to hair (being an appendage).. dryness leads to breakdown of hair from elements (sunlight, humid air, etc.) to include split ends, hair fall, etc.
  • but we'd have to wash our hair still no?
  • what if you have bad skin and you suffer from acne? you would have to keep your face clean and that includes the hair right?. I shampoo twice or even thrice a day.
  • kaya pala nanotice ko pag araw araw ako magshampoo, andami kong falling hair tas minsan meh split ends ako.. hay.. maganda ata idilute yung shampoo sa water bago ilagay sa hair. :) matapang ang mga shampoos natin.:eek:
  • yes, it is true that you have to dilute shampoo first...imagine putting chemical in your hair?


    well how about conditioners? is it rong to use it more than once a day?
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Good afternoon, you guys might find these interesting:
    Ira wrote: »
    (For thinning hair) Use mild shampoos like Ivory for normal (not oily) hair, J&J's baby shampoo, or any of the organic shampoos like the one Freeman comes out with. Shampoos to avoid would include Finesse, Vidal Sasoon (like Yax mentioned), Neutrogena (it's a little harsh for some, even if it's supposed to be mild), and Palmolive, to cite some.

    And your mom's right, avoid hot water, and use a comb rather than a brush especially right after you take a bath. There's this comb out in the market which you can get, its brand is Dr. Hair. It's less harsh because the teeth spin, you may want to try using that also. You can get those in any Mercury outlets.
    Ira wrote: »
    It's okay to wear water-based or even alcohol-based hair gel everyday as long as you don't develop a lot of falling hair. The same goes for shampooing. If your hair is fine even when you shampoo 2x a day, then that's okay.
  • marblesmarbles PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Washing your hair once a day is enough. Use shampoo and conditioner alternately rather than in the same day. Frequent washing makes the hair more brittle and prone to damage because the chemicals in the shampoos destroy its keratin lining which protects it from absorbing water.
  • merry christmas guys!


    my girlfriend shampoos and conditions her hair twice every time she take a bath...
    and her hair is still looks freaking hot and very attractive... i know my hair can't stand that washing...


    my hair is standing up maybe because of the wax/gel i use.. can you give me tips on how to take care of my hair..

    alopecia is very very scary...

    tell me what should i do first..

    help please!

  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Happy Holidays l'angelo. :) Please wait for the reply of Dr. marbles and the other physicians.

    Just a reminder, please spell out all the words every time you post. You can get banned for TextSpeak.
  • thank for you for the reminder smilewarrior =)

    happy holidays!
  • alopecia is usually genetic. If your grandfather went cue-ball, and your dads head went from a curly top to a light bulb, you'll need to buff your head soon to keep the scalp shiny :)

    there are a lot of stuffs to put on your hair nowaways, in the past it was just petroleum jelly, then came hair spray, next, hair gel, then mousse, now wax and even clay. The chemicals in those concoctions usually do not differ much.

    Advice: its your hair, therefore you know best when to stop using those stuff. you can go to the dermatologist and say " oh well this shampoo causes this and that, and i get this and that with this gel. etc...." well then, all the dermatologist has to say is stop using it then! - problem solved :D

    what is mild for others may not be mild for you, but start with a KNOWN brand that says mild and you probably won't go wrong.

    For extreme mildness, baby shampoo is definitely mild! so don't be embarrassed when buying baby shampoo and baby soap.

    If you really need to use all that gel or wax, then limit it then. no need to use it when ur staying home all day. Then again, hair grows and the damaged areas usually disappear under the barbers scissors.

    Women are more prone to hair damage because they keep the hair long, which logic would dictate; the longer the hair, the older the hair and therefore the more damaged the hair is.

    so: main point of the story:

    Alopecia is mostly hereditary
    If your a guy, you;ll most likely have a haircut and start over a "relatively" newer set of hair. and last....

    Avoid stress (can cause hair to fall a lot more than usual)
  • aww..the longer the hair the more it is prone to damages...

    sabi ko na nga ba e...

    peke yung mga nasa commercials...


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