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World Vision

hi guys.. kindly google up World Vision.. they're an NGO funding education for less-opportuned children.. with just Php 450 a month, you can send a kid to school.. hope we can reach out.. :)


  • This thread is what I'm looking for. Finally...

    Anyway, pinkposh, are you sponsoring a child now? Could I only have one to sponsor?
  • no, you can sponsor as many child as you can

    Hope others will reach out as well, it really feels good to be able to help the kids in their education .
  • I have like 20 brochures with me aheheheh.. I'll go to G4 later.. They have a booth there near the activity area (yung bilog ^^).. I'll pick my beneficiary later..

    It's bittersweet coz I'm going to help out someone but I'd see all their pictures and see a lot more kids who are in need of help..

    I'll copy all the info from the brochure.. Here:

    You can help send a poor child to school through World Vision's Child Sponsorship Program:

    To help 1 child Php 450 per month or Php 5,400 a year
    To help 2 children Php 900 per month or Php 10,800 a year
    To help 5 children Php 2,250 per month or Php 27,000 a year

    You will know you are making a difference..

    -You will receive a Picture Folder, which contains a photo of your sponsored child, his/her name, age, birth date, and location

    -You sponsored child will send you a "Thank You" Letter a few weeks after you signed up as a sponsor

    -You can send letters, postcards, and small gifts to your sponsored child through World Vision and expect a reply from him/her

    -You will receive a Christmas card from your sponsored child

    -Each year, you will get an Annual Progress Report containing the latest photo of your sponsored child, his/her grades in school and other info

    -Your sponsored child will also undergo medical and dental check-up during summertime


    go to www.worldvision.org for more info =)
  • Education is the best thing to give to the poor. It's a 'food' for a lifetime.

    What are the modes for payment?
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